Month: January 2019

History In The Making…Sort Of

I became a collector of Colt firearms by accident (yes that happens) when I was deployed in the Middle East in 2017. I purchased my first Colt handgun when I had the opportunity to buy one of the 1000 Colt USMC decommissioned M45A1 Close Quarters Battle Pistol (CQBP) around March or so of 2017. My obsession grew from there. Due to a 30 year career in the United States Army, I have always had an interest in the Colt AR-15. Over my career I have carried and used the Colt M16A1, M16A2, M16A4, M4 and M4A1 Carbine. From about July 2017 to today, 21 January 2019 I have collected 6 Colt AR-15’s and three very limited release Colt upper receiver groups which I assembled into complete firearms using Colt lower receivers.

As I have added to my collection, I realized that there is not a ‘one stop shop’ for information on Colt AR-15’s. There are many Facebook groups that discuss the collecting of Colt firearms but a large majority are pistol collectors. Additionally, Facebook, in their war on gun owners are deleting firearm groups at random completely wiping out all data collected in the groups. There are a lot of limited production Colt AR-15 items that have been produced over the last several years that nobody has captured information on. So, my goal is to start collecting data here on Colt AR-15’s, both standard production and limited production, and somehow organizing it so that it is quick to reference and searchable. I am going to start with current production items that information is readily available on and work my way backwards to 1961. Wish me luck. More to follow.