Colt Competition 9mm Carbine

I don’t talk on here much about Colt Competition rifles. Although they were not assembled in Hartford, they are Colt licensed and thus a part of Colt AR history and I really need to start capturing more of the details of the Colt Competition line.

Having said that, I came across this GB listing of what appears to be Colt Competition 9mm rifle. I have a Colt Competition 2015 catalog (posted here in my account) and it does not show 9mm models that year which made this even more interesting to me.

I believe the rifle is probably in the factory configuration (other than having five 9mm mags…it would not have come with that many).

One detail that I found interesting was the ‘Colt’ circular plug to fill the forward assist opening on the upper receiver. The manufacturer label on the outside of the case gives some additional details.

I will come back and update this entry if I find more information.