Month: August 2021

The ‘Rampant Colt’ Explained

A follower on the Instagram page asked for an explanation of the item being carried in the Rampant Colt’s mouth and on it’s legs. So, I put together a post about it. The images I am posting here were taken by me in 2019 and are the ‘Rampant Colt’ from the early Colt plant in Hartford, CT. It is on display in the Connecticut State Library Colt firearms collection.

The following description of the ‘Rampant Colt’ is from The post there references as the original source of information.

It states:

“The Colt company emblem is a modification of the Colt family coat of arms dating back to medieval England.

In ancient heraldry a horse is a symbol of loyalty and service to a monarch. A broken spear or lance symbolizes a fallen knight.

The famous Rampant Colt is taken from the coat of arms, and pictures a horse defending it’s fallen knight by breaking a lance in half, one half over it’s legs and the other in it’s mouth.

This is an ancient symbol of loyalty.
The Rampant Colt logo is stamped on almost all Colt firearms.

Over the years the Rampant Colt has maintained it’s form, but has changed from skinny to heavier ponies and back again.”

M16A1 Shipping Boxes

Here is a quick look at a couple of M16A1 shipping boxes that I received today.

This box is dated April 1976 (contract date 1971)

One is dated April 1976 (contract date 1971)and the other box just has a contract date of 1971. There is some packing material included with the boxes that I will show at a later date.

Dimensions are 30-1/4 inches x 11-1/2 inches x 3-1/2 inches.

I truly find packaging and accessories as fascinating as the weapons themselves. That includes current products as well.

Colt SCAR-B Clone Project Page Started

As has been mentioned here before, and on my Instagram and Facebook page, I have been working towards putting together a Colt SCAR-B clone.

I got lucky and was able to buy a rail and run down the rest of the parts to complete a respectable project. Here is a photo of the parts layout.

Parts layout for the SCAR-B project

In my SCAR-B page here, I have given a very brief run down of the program and listed parts. I am now going to talk about each of the parts going into the project and working on the lower receiver while the upper receiver parts are away being assembled. My plan is to post every one to three days on the project page here:

Feel free to follow along if you are interested. Let me know if you have questions or something to contribute to the discussion.