Month: January 2020

Colt Shot Show 2020

I was fortunate that one of the members of the Facebook group provided me with photos of Colts display at Shot Show. I was excited to see the M5 Carbine hit daylight. It would be great to see a civilian version of it hit retailers. The ambidextrous lower receiver modeled after the 901 series of rifles would be an instant hit.

I really like the M5 SCW concept.
The Piston Carbine is still available to foreign Colt customers.
Right side of the M5 Carbine lower receiver. Note the ambidextrous features.

Colt Leather Sling

These Colt leather slings come up for sale periodically. I have seen three for sale over the last year and have dropped out of bidding on them each time. I would really like to have one for one of my Colt HBAR rifles but the timing of the sales that I find is never good. This example sold on Gun Broker 19 JAN 2020 for $260 (winning bid) plus $13 shipping. Total cost $273. That is pretty crazy price for an old sling. But, as we all know, Colt collectible items come at a constantly changing market price.