Colt M16A1 Reissue CRM16A1

UPDATE: We have learned that as of 18 July 2019, there are less than 1000 rifles remaining to put into retail stock of the 2500 originally produced. Your time to get this incredible, collectible firearm is getting shorter.

Released in 2016, the Colt CRM16A1 was the first release in Colts AR-15 Military Classics series. It is a current catalog item on their website:

CRM16A1…image courtesy of Colts website

You can read a short article on the CRM16A1 on the Guns Digest website at this link:

Shipping is restricted to: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Vermont

The Colt CRM16A1 rifle is the first rifle in the Colt “AR-15 Military Classics” line of AR-15 rifles. Production of the CRM16A1 is limited to 2500 rifles. All serial numbers used in production of the CRM16A1 rifles replicates the serial number of a Vietnam War era rifle. A V has been added to the end of the serial number to differentiate the new production rifle from the original production rifle and the V also acknowledges its association with the Vietnam War.

The XM16E1 reached ‘Stanadard A’ classification in February of 1967. This resulted in the XM16E1 ‘Standard A’ being re-designated the M16A1. The rifle serial number that I have places the original rifle being manufactured in 1967. During that time M16A1’s in serial number range 752444 to 899999 were manufactured. This equals 147,555 rifles being manufactured if every number in that range was used for an M16A1. My serial number, 761390, puts the original rifle in the first 6% of M16A1’s manufactured. Being that early in the transition from XM16E1 to M16A1 production, the mix of features found in this new production rifle is accurate and makes the rifle that much more interesting.

My overall thoughts when comparing the hand guards is that the new production hand guards are a better product. The SP1 hand guards are pretty rough and kind of brittle feeling. The hand guards on the CRM16A1 have a better feel, have consistent finish and are accurate when compared to online resources. Undoubtedly, those building a clone will vote for original hand guards but the purchaser of the CRM16A1 will be getting well made, new production hand guards.

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