Month: December 2021

Happy New Year!!

Well, here we are at the end of 2021. Some of you may have already crossed into 2022. If so, Happy New Year! Its been a crazy year with some twists and turns. Some of us have lost loved ones and friends through this last year. Just remember every day is a gift.

Although I have been able to acquire some amazing Colt items in the last year, I don’t measure my success by the ‘stuff’. Overall, my relationships in the firearms community are the most valuable thing to me. Having ‘stuff’ doesn’t matter if you are going through the journey alone and not sharing it and learning with others.

My goals in 2022 are:
1) improve existing relationships and develop new ones.
2) improve my photography and and video abilities to make the sharing of Colt items and history the best that it can be.
3) improve the content quality (photo details, technical detail, etc.)

Sub-standard quality and presentation means I’m not learning and ultimately I’m wasting your time which I never intend to do.

So, here is a toast to better year in 2022! 🍺

Thank you for sharing part of your valuable time here in the group.

Happy New Year!

Progress On The Police Trade-In LE901-16S

Man life has had me stupid busy the last couple of weeks and there hasn’t been much time for the Colt hobby. However, mail has been rolling in and three of the four accessories I needed to return my Colt LE901 police trade-in back to its service configuration have arrived. I still need to find the optic which has been out of production for some time.

More on these items later this weekend hopefully.

Colt CAGE Code Trigger Guards

For those of you who keep track of part markings, I was made aware of these CAGE code marked trigger guards today. These have been used on some 2018 model SOCOMs (original production) and some CR6920’s earlier this year.

If you have seen these CAGE code trigger guards on Colt models other than the CR6920, please let me know and provide a photo.

Colt Christmas Card 2012

Here is a Christmas card given to a member of the sales staff in 2012. Dimensions are 9 inches wide by 3-7/8 inches tall.

Front of card

The card features a limited-edition Colt LE6940 carbine. I have seen one of these carbines appear on the market in the last five years.

Inside of card: Left side

The inside says:
“Happy Holidays! We sincerely thank you for your partnership and support of our rifle sales growth in 2012., and looking forward to continued success in 2013!”
David Ridley- VP of Domestic Sales & Marketing
Doug Campbell- Director of Domestic Sales

Inside of card: Right side
Back of the card

Site Update 23 DEC 2021

Well, here we are, a day and a half from Christmas. While my wife and daughter are wrapping some Christmas gifts I am sitting here working on the website for once. I know this time of the year can be emotionally and financially challenging for some people, but I hope everyone can find some joy somehow.

For those of you that may have missed it, I have started a YouTube channel. You can find it here:

Tonight, I am adding a section in the LE901-16S section for the San Bernardino LE901-16S trade-in carbines. I have captured information on three of the five carbines that were made available for sale by Arms Unlimited. I am buying the components to return my trade-in LE901-16S back to its SBPD SWAT configuration. I was very, very lucky to get in touch with two former SBPD SWAT officers that have helped me properly identify the components. Those will be posted in the section for the carbines.

I have also been trying to get some of my scans and photographs better organized for use in an upcoming book project in 2022. Getting those images organized is going to be challenge. I’m a bit embarrassed that I let things get out of control. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to take our phones and snap a quick photograph or do a quick screen capture with the intent of properly organizing it later.

I will shut-up for now and stop rambling. I intend to post again tomorrow (Christmas Eve).