Month: February 2022

Colt Sub-Machine Gun Family…Gun World May 1993

I apologize for so many Colt AR ‘historical’ articles lately. This should be the last one for a while.

This magazine has an article in it that discusses the Colt Model 635 and the three configurations that were available at the time of the article.

Models discussed in the article are the Colt Model 633 (more commonly known as the DOE carbine), Model 635 and Model 635 with suppressor.

Colt Branded A.R.M.S. #5 Multi-Base Mount

A Colt branded A.R.M.S. #5 multi-base mount came in the mail today.

I do not have a solid understanding about the marketing of the Colt branded A.R.M.S. #5 multi-base mount. I know that a couple of AR variants had them as included accessories, but I do not know if they were ever marketed as an individual accessory for retail sale.

From A.R.M.S. website “The #05™ Multi-base is a Quick detachable, multiple eye relief mounting base that attaches to weaver type rail and flat-top receivers. The multi-base is compatible with both weaver style rings and NATO STANAG mounts. It raises your sight platform 3/4″ and features a spring-loaded clamping bar and self-locking captivated thumbnuts for solid, zero movement mounting to your existing rail. The #05™ multi-base also features a see-through channel for use with iron sights”

Weight – 5.2 oz
Length: Approx. 5″
Height: Approx. 3/4″

The A.R.M.S. #5 Multi-Base Mount is out of production and has been replaced by the A.R.M.S. #63 mount with dual throw-levers.

Parts Refurbishing

Although a vast majority of my Colt collecting involves new or like new and complete items, I like to buy used items periodically when I get an opportunity.

Any used items that I buy get inspected for function, correct part content and gets cleaned/oiled/greased as applicable.

This carbine buttstock is an example. It came with a small group of carbine lower receiver parts. It will get the adhesive labels removed, the GG&G sling swivel removed (it will go on Ebay) and will get cleaned up.

This buttstock is also missing the sling swivel and retaining screw so those parts will get ordered. The refurbished/corrected carbine buttstock assembly then goes into my parts inventory.

Leitner-Wise .499 LWR Cartridge

While this topic isn’t Colt, it is a neat piece of modern AR history. Additionally, I am a huge supporter and minor contributor to the “Vickers Guide AR-15” series.

This is reposted from @vickersguide on Instagram. Here’s the full reveal for yesterday’s cartridge quiz. Yep, looked like the .50 Beowulf, but in fact is the .499 LWR cartridge (jacketed soft point in this case) for which the Leitner-Wise .499 U.S. Coast Guard rifle was chambered, which we will be covering in more detail.

CZ-USA Disclaimer

I really didn’t want to post this but, the more I thought about it, the more I thought about how unforgiving of an environment social media is. The smallest of things can be perceived or understood incorrectly and blown out of proportion very easily.

So, In light of the recent CZ-USA purchase of Colt, I felt I needed to make some type of disclaimer. Some of you know that I have started working for CZ-USA. My job is a position in their assembly warehouse. It is nothing special and I do not have access to any special information. As a result of this new job, I want to reinforce a few things.

1. This page is a personal page and is not associated in any capacity with Colt or CZ-USA.
2. I do not receive any ‘special’ information from Colt or CZ-USA.
3. I do not post rumors or anything that isn’t public information.
4. I absolutely honor non-disclosure agreements

So, if you repeat any information from this account somewhere else on the internet, please make sure it is disclaimed/presented as personal opinion/information/research and not an official Colt or CZ-USA position or statement.

The last thing that I want to see happen is something that I post getting peddled as an ‘official’ Colt or CZ-USA position that I do not have authority to represent.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

Colt LE6920SOCOM…2018 Model, 2022 Production

Here is a video taking a look at the Colt 2018 model, 2022 production LE6920SOCOM.

Overall, I am very happy with it. The fit and finish is great. My upper receiver doesn’t have the more grainy appearance of some of the upper receivers on earlier 2021 production SOCOMs.

The bolt is actually marked MPC. Some people expect for the charging handles and extractors to be CAGE code marked. I do not. Those markings are not an issue for me.

I will be taking detailed photos of all of the parts and markings and posting them here on the website. Let me know if you have questions.