Month: January 2022

Colt CM901/LE901 Product Timeline Review

My friends over at have a multipart series going called “10 Years Of The Colt LE901”. They asked me to put together Part 3 of the series which I did. Part 3 of the series looks at the evolution of the product from the beginning of production in 2012 to discontinuation of the product line around 2017.

You can check out my article here:

I hope you are having a good weekend.

Site Update 21 January 2022

The sign in the image below is old news to everyone by now. It is a symbol of irony for me.

I was supposed to go to Shot Show with my primary goal being visiting Colt. When I found out Colt had to cancel attendance several days before the show was scheduled, I cancelled all of my travel plans also. It was fortunate that Colt cancelled because I ended up getting hit with Covid this past Saturday 15 January 2022. Symptoms really hammered me on Sunday the 16th. I am so glad that I didn’t make it to Vegas before it hit me.

I am currently working on a write-up about the Colt LE901 which is going to be posted on as the third part of a multi-part article.

Hope everyone is doing well. Have a great weekend!

Colt Optics by C-More Systems Catalog

I finally got ahold of this Colt Optics catalog.

The catalog is 8-pages and printed in black and white. I have placed images of each page here for you to view. I will get them added to a separate page here on the site as well.

I have only seen two of these catalogs for sale since 2017 with this copy that I bought being the second one. The catalog is undated unfortunately.

I do have one of the Colt 10×42 Tactical Elite scopes seen on page 3. The owner’s manual in the box is dated with the year 2000 so that gives us a ballpark date I guess.

I think that there is one more Colt Optics catalog in circulation but am not 100% certain. Anyway, I hope you enjoy being able to see these pages.

New Colt CR6920 Variation

There is apparently a new Colt CR6920 variation on the market. The Colt SKU for it is: CR6920-BBBW

An organization called “Iron Valley Supply” state on their website that this carbine version is an Iron Valley Supply exclusive.

Colt LE901-16S San Bernardino Restoration Progress

I have got in a few of the items that had been in use by the SBPD on their LE901-16S carbines. The following items have been found and added:

1. The sling is a Magpul MS1 QDM sling, part number MAG939.

2. The bipod is a GG&G XDS-2 Tactical Bipod, part number is GGG-1527.

3. The optic mount is a GG&G FLT scope mount with 30 MM rings part number is GGG-1384.

Here is how it currently appears.

I’m still looking for a Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 4.5-14 rifle scope with illuminated mil dot reticle and MOA M1 turrets model number is 67960.