Month: November 2021

Colt LE901 San Bernardino, CA SWAT

Arms Unlimited sent out an email on 24 November 2021 which advertised used law enforcement Colt LE901 7.62 (.308) rifles available for sale.

Arms Unlimited Email Ad

There were photos of two variants posted in the sales ad. One rifle was black, one rifle was camouflaged. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to save photos from the sale ad other than the large thumbnail image of the black rifle.

Two features make these Colt LE901’s unique.  The first feature is the use of the MagPul PRS Gen II stock. The second feature is the factory modification which removed the front sight base from the gas block.

The Colt god’s were smiling down on me and I was able to get one of the rifles on order and received a shipping notice.

I began researching these rifles and learned that they were law enforcement trade-ins from the San Bernardino, California police department. The rifles were used by the SBPD SWAT as a DMR/Sniper rifle.

I was able to find two images of the rifles in use. The first image I found showed an all black Colt LE901 on public display in December of 2015.

Colt LE901 in use in 2015 by SBPD SWAT. You can get a good look at the modified front sight/gas block in this image.

The second image that I found shows a camouflaged Colt LE901 in use by the San Bernardino Police Department SWAT team at the 2017 International Sniper Competition. The San Bernardino team placed 9th in the competition.

Colt LE901 at the 2017 International Sniper Competition

I am in the process of trying to identify the optics, mounts, slings and bipods that were used on both rifles. My end goal is to take whichever color (black or camo) of rifle that I receive and return it to the SBPD SWAT configuration.

If anybody can identify any of the optics, mounts, etc on either rifle, please let me know.

Detailed photos to come after the rifle is received.

Colt 7.62x39mm Factory Magazine’s…Additional Discussion

Here is another short video that demonstrates some of the challenges that you run into putting more than 5 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammunition in a military specification 20-round magazine.

These images show the two types of Colt factory 7.62x39mm  magazines.

The magazine on the left is a modified 20-round magazine that is blocked to hold five 7.62x39mm rounds and has a riveted base plate that cannot be removed.

The magazine on the right is a purpose built 7.62x39mm 5-round magazine.

Colt Factory 7.62x39mm Magazine Discussion

I have been asked what 7.62x39mm magazines are Colt factory 7.62x39mm magazines. I put together this quick video showing a few of the more common commercial 7.62x39mm magazines that are available with discussion of the two legitimate Colt factory 7.62x39mm magazines at the end.

I failed to state in the video that the Colt factory 7.62x39mm magazines that use the 20rd bodies will not hold more than five rounds.

Colt Branded C-More Scout Sight

After a couple of years of searching, I was finally able to get an old Colt Scout Sight which was just a Colt branded C-More @cmoresystems red dot sight. The scout configuration is pretty uncommon and there are a couple of box variations out there.

The concept with the scout sight configuration was to just give you a lower mounted red dot sight that was more in your line of sight.

The manual with it is dated 1999. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to really determine its year of manufacture.

Discussing Upper Receiver Anadozing on 2018/21 Production Colt 2018 Model LE6920SOCOM’s & AR15A4’s.

Did this short cell phone video for questions I have been getting on Instagram. My phone wasn’t holding the light balance well so forgive me for that. Another reason to step up the game. The narrative below is what I posted on IG.

As consumers have received their 2021 production, 2018 Model LE6920SOCOMs over the last few days, there has been some discussion on the internet and in social media about two things…1) appearance of the new 2021 production upper receivers seems to be gritty/grainy and 2) the pistol grips on the 2021 production have a more ‘plastic’ feel to them.

I have received messages from a few people asking me for an explanation about what is being discussed. I know most people are not able to do side-by-side comparisons so I thought I would try here. The firearms that I am using in the video are a 2018 manufactured AR15A4 and a 2021 manufactured AR15A4. The finish variance being observed with the 2021 production SOCOM’s is similar between these two AR-15A4’s.

My short summary is that although there is a minor visual and tactile difference, I like both finishes and don’t have any problem with the newer finish. My opinion is the same with the pistol grips. Although there is a noticeable difference in appearance and feel, both are good pistol grips are good to me. The 2018 AR15A4 (front) has an F4 marked grip. The 2021 AR15A4 (back) has an F3 marked grip.

Hope this helps give some of you some perspective on what is being discussed.

The Colt AR-15 Resource on YouTube

In addition to posting my videos here, I decided to start a YouTube channel as well. You can find it here:

If you think it is something that you will be interested in, head on over and subscribe. Bear with me as I learn what I’m doing and am working to improve the quality of what is provided.