Discussing Upper Receiver Anadozing on 2018/21 Production Colt 2018 Model LE6920SOCOM’s & AR15A4’s.

Did this short cell phone video for questions I have been getting on Instagram. My phone wasn’t holding the light balance well so forgive me for that. Another reason to step up the game. The narrative below is what I posted on IG.

As consumers have received their 2021 production, 2018 Model LE6920SOCOMs over the last few days, there has been some discussion on the internet and in social media about two things…1) appearance of the new 2021 production upper receivers seems to be gritty/grainy and 2) the pistol grips on the 2021 production have a more ‘plastic’ feel to them.

I have received messages from a few people asking me for an explanation about what is being discussed. I know most people are not able to do side-by-side comparisons so I thought I would try here. The firearms that I am using in the video are a 2018 manufactured AR15A4 and a 2021 manufactured AR15A4. The finish variance being observed with the 2021 production SOCOM’s is similar between these two AR-15A4’s.

My short summary is that although there is a minor visual and tactile difference, I like both finishes and don’t have any problem with the newer finish. My opinion is the same with the pistol grips. Although there is a noticeable difference in appearance and feel, both are good pistol grips are good to me. The 2018 AR15A4 (front) has an F4 marked grip. The 2021 AR15A4 (back) has an F3 marked grip.

Hope this helps give some of you some perspective on what is being discussed.

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