R6430 9mm Sporter Lightweight

Colt Model R6430 Sporter Lightweight (9mm carbine with CS stock) first appeared in the Colt 1992 product catalog.

Full image of the 1992 catalog page

If you look closely at the rifles in the catalog photographs, you can see the ‘CS’ letters on the stock just behind the rear of the lower receiver.

Close-up of the 1992 catalog page
Close-up image from my ‘CS Stock’ write up.

The ‘CS’ stock is not common on the collectors market anymore. Amazingly, the carbine in the photographs below appeared in Gun Broker in March 2020 with the auction ending on March 25, 2020. The carbine was listed as ‘New Old Stock’ and was a great deal at the $1550.00 closing bid. All photos below are from the auction listing.

Screen Capture of auction ending.
Auction photo #1
Auction photo #2
Auction Photo #3
Auction Photo #4

For more information on the Colt CS stock, please see my write-up here https://thecoltar15resource.com/cs-stock/