Month: July 2021

Colt LE6920-R Trooper Carbine

Clyde Armory has received a shipment of new old stock, out of production, LE6920-R Trooper carbines. See the second image in this post and you will see that these have rollmarked lower receivers.

If you missed out on one for your collection, like I did, now is a chance to get one. You can get one on their website or you can call them at 706-549-1842. Be advised this model of carbine purposely does not come with any sights. You will need to purchase a set off your preferred sights to put on yourself.

I am not affiliated with Clyde Armory, just sharing a good opportunity with you.

Product description from Colts website:

The Colt Trooper® Patrol Carbine is a modernized, pro-quality Modern Sporting Rifle based on Colt’s legendary M4 platform. It features a new Centurion Arms M-LOK® capable free-floated forend developed just for the Trooper®, and offers a great starting point for your next advanced carbine. It’s offered in 5.56 x 45 NATO, and features a 16.1” barrel and a 13” M-LOK® capable Centurion Arms forend with a Picatinny rail at 12 o’clock, and M-LOK® mounting slots at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. It features a standard M4 buttstock and an A2 pistol grip, and comes with a 30-round Magpul® P-MAG® Magazine.

Happy Birthday Samuel Colt

Today we celebrate the life of Samuel Colt. His life and the ongoing history of Colts Manufacturing Company LLC has inspired so many of us.

Not only did the legacy of Colt firearms influence firearms design and manufacturing, it has given us the inspiration to appreciate, collect, fire and study the history of Colt firearms.

2014 Product Fold-Out Observation

While doing some research, I noticed two interesting things on this section of the Colt 2014 product fold-out.

Product images from Colt 2014 product fold-out

1. The LE6920AE shows the ambidextrous lower receiver that we currently see on the M5 Tactical Carbine.

2. The LE6920SOCOM is listed with the Troy rail system. Although we have known for years that Colt made the 2013 model SOCOM with the Troy rail, this is the first time I noticed it formally acknowledged.

New Colt AR-15A4 On The Market

EDITED 13 JUL 2021- I have learned that these are not new production but are old stock making it to market. The AR15A4 is still replaced by the CR6700A4.

Colt has a new AR-15A4 on the market. I hope to have detailed photos soon.

The rifle has selector stops and it has a new laser engraved rollmark.

This new AR-15A4 in on the market in addition to the CR6700A4 20″ rifle with the ‘Carbine’ marked lower receiver.

The photo with the red background is courtesy of Clyde Armory. The other photos are courtesy of an member.

Happy 4th Of July!!

For my followers in the USA, I wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th of July. I have been traveling with my family the last couple of weeks. We finally got back home late last night. Spending some time today with friends.

The image below is from Colt’s Facebook page.

I hope you have a great holiday with friends and families. I will be back to providing content/updates tonight or tomorrow.