Month: April 2021

Colt / Knights Armament IAR6940H Upper Receiver Assembly

I got exceptionally lucky recently and had an opportunity to buy one of the Colt / Knights Armament IAR6940H upper receiver prototypes that were part of the Colt IAR program. Below are a few photos. I will write more about this piece soon.

This photo shows my Colt IAR6940 upper receiver behind the Colt / Knights Armament IAR6940H upper receiver (front)

Colt LE6920M001 Mexico Government Carbine

A couple of weeks ago, Clyde Armory in Athens, GA stocked some new Colt LE6920’s that were contract excess for the government of Mexico. These carbines carry the model designation of LE6920M001.

Box end label for the Colt LE6920M001

I have started photographing the box, accessories and rifle tonight and will have the photos up here in a few days.

Photo of the rifle box opened up prior to rifle removal.
Layout of LE6920M001 accessories