LE6920M Standard w/Carry Handle

on this page are photos of the Colt LE6920M (Mexico) rifle that I purchased in July of 2017 for the paultry sum of $700.00.

Original purchase invoice from July 2017

Below are detailed photos of the complete rifle, packaging and accessories.

Notice the ‘F’ mark on the front sight base.

Forge code on the right side of the front sight base.

Notice the double heat shields
‘E’ stamped on the exterior of the barrel at the chamber indicating ‘EES’ as the barrel manufacturer.
The rollmark that differentiates Colt rifles made for Mexico from other Colt rifles. The contract requirement is for each rifle to have “S.D.N. Mexico D.F.” on the right side of the magwell. The definition of the rollmark is “Secretaria de la Defensa Nacional of Mexico, Directorate of Commercial Arms and Munitions.”

Below are images from the Spanish operators manual that is part of the included accessories.