SP6920 Series

  • Entered market early 2011. Apparently only made during 2011
  • Early production had a standard collapsible stock and ‘Sporter M4 Carbine’ rollmark.
  • Later production used the Colt-Rogers SuperStoc and had ‘M4 Carbine’ rollmark.
  • Rifles did not have LE/Military only rollmark
  • SP6920 was marketed under Colt Manufacturing. LE6920 was marketed under Colt Defense
  • There was a ‘Blue Label’ box (early production) and a ‘White Label’ box (late production)
  • Serial numbers began with SP prefix
Example of Colt ‘Sporter M4 Carbine’ rollmark found on some early ‘blue label’ SP6920’s.
Example of Colt ‘M4 Carbine’ rollmark found on early ‘blue label’ and late production ‘white label’ SP6920’s.
Colt SP6920 with white label. This rifle is shown just below with the Colt-Rogers SuperStoc.
Blue label box for the Colt SP6920 MP-B (MagPul Black)