Month: February 2019

Firearms Blog and the Colt Factory FDE Anodized LE6940.

Shawn and Howard run a firearms ezine/blog whatever your preferred label is. The content is varied and it is informal. Most importantly, it is honest. They are not paid cheerleaders for any one company. Anyway, Howard did an entry for today discussing his recent acquisition of a rare Colt FDE anodized LE6940. Check it if you have an interest in seeing more about the rifle. The link to LooseRound is on the home page and here it is now for your convenience:

Howards Colt factory FDE anodized LE6940 as featured in the LooseRounds blog post for today (18 FEB 2019).

Colt LE6920 SCMCK SOCOM Conversion Kit

Today I have added a section and sub-sections with details of two different versions of the Colt LE6920 SCMCK upper receiver conversion kits that were marketed by Colt. See the entries for additional details.

Colt LE6920 SCMCK with Removable Carry Handle and KAC M4 RAS
Colt LE6920 SCMCK with Matech 600M sight and Troy Quad Rail