Colt CR6762 7.62x39mm Carbine

The date of this post is March 1st, 2023. I picked up my Colt CR6762 7.62x39mm carbine on February 29th, 2023. Including these dates in the post will help people with their research in the future.

A summary of the details
* Standard CR-series ‘Carbine’ lower receiver with no caliber markings
* Barrel has ” C MP 7.62×39 1/12″
* T marks on upper receiver
* CAGE code on upper receiver
* 762 MPC on bolt (photo not in this post)
* C marked bolt carrier (photo not in this post)
* SOCOM profile barrel – This was a huge surprise to me.

Overall, I think it looks like a great carbine. Some will complain that it looks too much like the rest of the CR (Colt Rifle) line such as the CR6920, CR6960, etc. Fit and finish are excellent.