Month: March 2022

Colt LE6940P (Law Enforcement Restriction Lower) Auction Close 27 MAR 2022

This auction was for a Colt LE6940P carbine that was complete with box/accessories and came from the factory with a ‘Law Enforcement Only’ lower receiver. The closing price was $3350.00.

I feel very lucky that I was able to buy a used LE6940P a few years ago although it doesn’t have its box (sadly). People wonder why I buy mostly newer Colt carbines and rifles…prices like this for older examples are why.

Colt 11.5″ Upper Receiver Assembly From 2016 w/ Colt Defense Troy Rail

Here is a unique Colt upper receiver assembly that I recently picked up. This upper receiver assembly has one of the uncommon Colt Defense labeled Troy rails.

This upper receiver was assembled at some point in 2016 (based on barrel date).

Here is a short video showing more of the rail. I will do a detailed post on this upper receiver at a later time.

Colt LE6920-FBP2 Carbine

A recent addition to the collection was a new in box Colt LE6920-FBP2. These carbines were configured to meet FBI specifications for private purchase by FBI agents. I had been looking for one of these for over a year.

More to come on this unique carbine. I just need to find an LE6920-FBP1 now.

This is the only production carbine manufactured by Colt to use a Geissele rail.

1966 U.S. Military 4-Pack Of Colt 20-round Magazines

This set of photos (and video) shows an opened (obviously) 4-pack of ‘new’ Colt 20-round magazines as they were provided to the U.S. military in 1965 – 1966 time frame.

I include both years in my post because the milspec packaging is dated December 1965 but the contract on the packaging is April 1966.

I received the 4-pack with the top of the outer wrapper gone and the body of the wrapper significantly torn. I put scotchtape on it to prevent additional damage to the outer wrapper. Additionally, the inner foil wrapper was torn as shown.

Of note is the use of ‘AR-15’ and ‘.223’ on the base plate. These designations were used for some time before the base plate design was changed.

The video below was shot for my YouTube channel but I thought I would post it here anyway.

Video of the magazine package.

Three Colt LE901 Lower Receivers In Different Levels Of Completion

In the photo below, we see three Colt LE901 lower receivers that are in three different levels of completion.

The front (silver appearance) is the raw forging for the LE901.

The middle lower receiver (satin appearance) is an 80% lower that has had the initial surface finish done.

Then, obviously the back is the completed lower on a rifle.

A special thanks to the Arms Unlimited team for making the ownership of the LE901-16S possible and my friend Alex for hooking me up with the raw forging and the 80% lower.

The Search For A Gun Cart. Yes, A Gun Cart!

The growth of my involvement in this hobby has increased my space requirements in order to be able to research and photograph items in my collection. Unfortunately, my actual firearm space is relegated to a corner of the basement utility room in my house. In this corner, my gun safe takes up most of the space and holds my collection. Here is a view of the inside of my safe…Colt barrels pop-up like spring flowers.

Although some of the firearms (barrels) aren’t visible, all of the space is occupied.

The safe is packed and if I want a rifle/carbine for research and it is in the back of the safe, I have to do this careful balancing act of leaning firearms against doors, walls, cabinets, etc. to get to the back part of the safe. It tends to be a real pain in the butt and has a negative impact on my motivation to dig into things sometimes. Here enters the idea for a ‘gun cart’.

The racks seen in this image are similar to the racks that I saw in use at Colt in 2019. I have been told that some of these racks are actually still in use.

The idea of getting a gun cart popped into my mind because I saw them in use at the Colt factory in 2019 and in my current job with CZ-USA. A decent gun cart would make it simple for me to empty some (or all) of my safe as needed. Additionally, a rack would enable them to sit securely without risk of falling over or otherwise getting damaged.

A quick Google search led me to the ‘Weapon Wrx’ rack shown in the image below.

I contacted the company and asked for a quote for the two-sided cart shown in the flyer above in the bottom right corner. I thought it looked like a great cart which would be very useful for my firearm space. After being bounced around to three different people in at least two different companies and about a 10 to 12 day wait, I finally received a quote for the cart shown. I about choked when I read that the price for the cart was $2900. That is insanity. I understand that selling me, a private purchaser, one rack isn’t their target market. They want orders for multiple racks from law enforcement agencies and the military who can chalk up $2900 as “the cost of doing business” and the constituents that they represent pay the outrageous bill.

After sharing my dismay in a couple of personal social media spaces, a friend of mine recommended I take a look at Gallow Tech’s offering. So, I went to their website and checked it out.

An image of the “A-Frame” cart design from Gallow Techs website

My initial impression of the Gallow Tech product is encouraging. I’m hoping that it isn’t $3000 also. Here is some information from the website link that I provided above.

Often people say “Just build your own rack” but I don’t want to spend time doing “arts n’ crafts”. If I have spare time, I want to be researching, photographing, or working on items in my collection…or posting. So, currently, there is zero chance of me building something. I sent Gallow Tech an email today (Saturday). I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Gallow Tech rack is reasonably priced.

Some Fun Going Into The Weekend

Just to get a chuckle and start the weekend off on a light-hearted note, I did this quick layout tonight with a hilarious book that I recently bought.

The Colt CR6920 and firearm safety. Every gun owner should teach all members of their household about responsible, safe gun ownership.

I had a great time at the armorers course. Information on that will be posted soon. While I was gone, delivery services were busy bringing stuff. I have so much to post.

Have a great weekend! More posts are on the way!