Month: March 2022

Colt M16/M4 Armorers Cours3

On the road for a few days attending the Colt M4/M16 Armorers Course. I am hoping to do a few posts highlighting the course.

Traveling today. Class is Monday through Wednesday. I have been trying to attend this course for about 3 years. Various cancelations and Covid got in the way. I want to say a special ‘Thank You’ to Aaron Sedberry for making this possible.

Colt/Walther .22LR M16 SPR Rifle

German firearms manufacturer Walther Arms is licensed by Colt to produce a series of Colt reproduction M16/M4 Carbine rifles and carbines in .22lr.

I recently got very lucky and was able to pick up one of the more rare variants, the M16 SPR, on Gun Broker for a very reasonable price of $665.

The M16 SPR version normally sells in the $850 to $1000 range is pretty spendy for a .22LR replica.

So, here are a few quick peeks at what is in the box. I will add more images and a video to the website soon.

The rifle in the box

Mail Call Tuesday 1 March 2022

Mail Call today was a @trijicon military contract over-run TA-11D ACOG bought on sale from @_eurooptic_ to finish my Colt IAR clone.

This setup consists of a Colt IAR upper receiver, Colt LE6920 lower receiver with the sling, stock and Grip Pod spec’d from the @smallarmssolutions article done many years ago on the Colt IAR program.

I have used the Grip Pods operationally and do not like them. However, I have one on this IAR because they appeared consistently in Colt promotional material and was a Colt basic issue item for some contracts.

I thought it was interesting that the mount was a Bobro product that is Trijicon branded.