Colt/Walther .22LR M16 SPR Rifle

German firearms manufacturer Walther Arms is licensed by Colt to produce a series of Colt reproduction M16/M4 Carbine rifles and carbines in .22lr.

I recently got very lucky and was able to pick up one of the more rare variants, the M16 SPR, on Gun Broker for a very reasonable price of $665.

The M16 SPR version normally sells in the $850 to $1000 range is pretty spendy for a .22LR replica.

So, here are a few quick peeks at what is in the box. I will add more images and a video to the website soon.

The rifle in the box

3 thoughts on “Colt/Walther .22LR M16 SPR Rifle”

  1. I’ve got the Umarex M4 and Umarex M16 Rifle. I want the Umarex M16 SPR, but I’d have to order from out of state and I’m not so sure about doing it that way. I got the others locally.


  2. I have the Umarex M4, and M16 SPR, plus the HK series 416D, 416 pistol (turned SBR as a 416C clone), MP5, MP5SD, and G36. Also got both the UZIs, Beretta ARX160 as well.

    The “AR” like platform is also have a Hammerli rifle as well. These are all interesting due to the fake outer shell and outer barrel. Same style of constructions is also found in the MP5 series, and the Uzi series.

    Interestingly, the G36 and the ARX160 are properly made, with real thick barrels, and near identical internals to the real versions, with very similar disassembly methods. Too bad these two weren’t really marketed. They are good 22LR rifles in their own rights.

    Reliability wise, even the “AR” like platform is decent, despise the faux outer shell and barrel.

    For furnitures for the “AR” platform, surprisingly, these have a huge Airsoft (AEG) origin. The stock attachment design actually uses AEG style buffer tubes. This allowed my SBR’d 416 pistol, to take the 416C wire stock.


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