Colt Crew Served Weapons

If you are familiar with the Vietnam War, you probably know what PBR’s (Patrol Boat River) are. The PBR crews were some of the bravest personnel of the war in my opinion. Well, apparently Colt manufactured some of the bow twin .50 caliber machine gun turrets for the PBR’s.

Patrol Boat, River…more commonly known as PBR
Gunner’s Mate 3rd Class Earnest McGowan sits in the gun tub of the twin .50-caliber gun mount on a new Mark II river patrol boat (PBR) on January 13, 1968. Many of these newer PBRs saw action during the Tet Offensive. On the Mark II, the “.50s” are electronically fired and sit low on the deck. (Naval History and Heritage Command image)
The folder opened. Factory images on the inside of the front cover on the left. Document pocket on the right.

These turrets were also seen on Patrol Air Cushion Vehicles (PACV) used in the war.

Patrol, Air Cushioned Vehicle (PACV)

I am not familiar with turret/weapon configuration shown below being used in active service.