Month: May 2020 Is Now On MeWe

thecoltar15resource homepage on MeWe

Come join me on MeWe!

I have expanded ‘thecoltar15resource’ to MeWe which is an alternative to the censorship of Facebook and Instagram. I really like what I see there so far. A bit over a million members but I anticipate it will continue to grow.

We are currently here on the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and now MeWe.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Colt CE2000HB-FDE

I discovered this uncommon variation of the Colt Expanse CE2000 line in a local Arms List advertisement.

It came from the factory in FDE cerakote, Magpul stock, grip and sights. Heavy barrel with Smith Enterprises vortex flash hider. I contacted the seller but unfortunately the rifle had sold. I asked if he had any additional photos but he did not.

Overall rifle image.
End of box label. This is always a great thing to get an image of. This provides a lot of product information for historical reference.
Rifle description from sale listing.

Colt Roll Dies Sold On Ebay

I added a section to the website documenting six Colt roll dies that sold on Ebay on 13 May 2020. Roll dies are not seen on the market too often. You can see a summary of the roll die sale here:

Shown is an M16A1 roll die that was sold on Ebay 13 May 2020 for $770.00.

There are sub-albums with detailed photos of all six roll dies that were sold.