Month: May 2020

Colt AR-15/M-16 Related Videos

As we all know, still photos and text are not as entertaining as videos about our favorite Colt rifles. I have added a page to the website where I am going to link to assorted videos that are related to Colt AR-15/M-16 videos. I have only linked to twenty videos so far. I will update the page with more videos soon. You can scroll through the videos that I have currently linked here:

Misrepresented ‘Colt’ 40-Round Magazine

The unfortunate thing about this hobby is that there is always someone out there looking for an opportunity to rip you off through a counterfeit product or misrepresentation of product. The depend on the new collectors that have not had the opportunity to learn what legitimate products look like to find their sales.

The claimed ‘Colt 40-Round’ AR-15 magazine shown here was auctioned on Gun Broker with an ending date of 18 May 2020. It had a starting price of .99 cents and, after 43 bids, closed at $178.00. The seller stated that it was a pre-ban magazine that just sat in his safe. Here is the auctioned item…

Through consultation with many other educated collectors and some former Colt employees, the consensus is that the magazine above is not a legitimate Colt product but probably a USA magazine with a fake label. Below is the USA magazine product:

If you look at the labels on the toe of the magazine in the packages, they are exactly the same. Colt never marketed magazines from USA.

I hope you find this comparison informative.

Colt’s Firearms Wholesaler Confidential Buying Guide

Contained in this album are 12 images of the Colts Firearms Wholesaler Confidential Buying Guide. This guide is referred to as the ‘Green Cover’ version. As is indicated on the back, it is Form No. WPL 2-72 Rev. 1 Effective February 10,1972. Purchased on Ebay 20 May 2020 for $13.94

You can see all of the images at this link:

Thoughts About This Hobby

When I was a young teenager, I read endlessly about the Vietnam War. I was mesmerized by the images of soldiers with M16’s, XM177’s, GAU-5’s, etc. When I hit a bad spot in my life in 1988 at the age of seventeen, those books about Vietnam and those photos of the iconic Colt rifles influenced my decision to join the Army. It was a desperate bid to put my life back on the right path. I was going to complete a six year enlistment in the National Guard and then get out. Little did I know it would end up being my career.

So, in the summer of 1988 I went to Basic Training in Ft. Bliss, TX for ten weeks. There I was intimately introduced to the Colt M16A1 and that was the beginning of a love affair that hasn’t ended. Since Basic Training I have carried the M16A1, M16A2, M16A4, M4 Carbine and M4A1 Carbine. The M16A2 has a special place with me because I carried one for the duration of my Iraq deployment from March 2003 to July 2004…and beyond. My favorite rifle from Colt has been the AR-15A4/M-16A4 configuration.

When I embarked on the journey of collecting Colt AR-15’s, I was halfway around the world literally in the desert deployed with the U.S. Army. It was the middle of 2017. I was 29 years into my military career. I’m not sure why the Colt collecting bug bit me so late. At the time of this post, I am 49 years old and retiring from a 32 year military career on 31 May 2020. I really wish I would have started twenty years ago when Colt items were easy to find and reasonably priced. The whole “hindsight is 20/20” thing comes to mind here.

When I had down time during deployment, I would get on the internet when I could and research AR-15’s. I was kind of dumbfounded that there wasn’t a place to find good, accurate information about Colt AR-15’s. I foun information on places like, and some others. But, for every ‘fact’ about a Colt AR-15 presented, you had two other people that discounted what was being said. Most arguments seemed to be grounded more in opinion and emotions than facts. My frustration about there not being a good source of information for Colt civilian market AR-15 items lead me to the idea of starting a website even though I had no idea what I was doing…so it began.

When I started this website, the intent was not to publish it. I was just going to use this as a place to dump and organize Colt AR-15 information so that I could review it at a later time…a repository. But, I bought one rifle…then I bought a second rifle…then a third rifle. Each purchase lead me down a different rabbit hole. The more I learned, the more I wanted to research, the more I wanted to buy, the more information that I put here. I now realize that it is a never ending, never fulfilled cycle.

As I spoke with people, I quickly learned that a lot of people were interested in having a place to go to for Colt AR information and here we are today. I have so much information to add and never enough time to do it. It will always be a work in progress. The website has a corresponding Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest and MeWe accounts. The name ‘The Colt AR-15 Resource’ has almost developed into a brand accidentally. Hopefully when I get too old to keep doing this, someone that shares my passion can inherit this page.

It is interesting how a hobby can develop into a passion…can develop into part of who you are. The development and evolution of the Colt AR-15 rifle is a walk through american history. It encompasses the good, the bad, the strength, the weakness, the power of the United States. You can look at the rifle and see so much that the nation has been through.

I have been blessed to meet many, many amazing people on this little journey of mine. Everyone that I have had the privilege of dealing with has been respectful and professional. I am rich beyond words by being able to call some of them friends. So many people have been generous in so many different ways. This journey isn’t about material possessions although that unlocks some thoughts for research. The knowledge that so many individuals have has an irreplaceable value all of its own. For me, it has all been about learning and preserving. I respect everyone’s privacy and position. I don’t share tales.

My closing thought in this long rambling blog post…Although a vast majority of my blog posts will continue to be technical in nature, I am going to start doing more posts sharing my thoughts about this hobby of Colt AR-15 collecting and what I see going on in the market. This really has become personal for me. I think it is personal for many others. The Colt AR-15 collectors seem to be a reclusive bunch but my goal is to change that. What is the point in having our treasured collections if nobody can see them and learn from them. History is meant to be shared. If you made it this far, thanks for hanging in there. I hope that perhaps you have enjoyed this ramble somewhat. Future personal posts will be much shorter.

Colt Modular Rail Adapter System

I came across this image in ‘The Book of Colt Paper 1834 – 2011’ by John Ogle.

This is not the Knights Armament M4/M5 RIS/RAS systems. This is completely different.

I have been fortunate enough to discover that one of the engineers that helped design the system is in my Facebook group. This has turned into a little bit of a ‘rabbit hole’ research project for me. I will put together a write-up and post it here soon. Is Now On MeWe

thecoltar15resource homepage on MeWe

Come join me on MeWe!

I have expanded ‘thecoltar15resource’ to MeWe which is an alternative to the censorship of Facebook and Instagram. I really like what I see there so far. A bit over a million members but I anticipate it will continue to grow.

We are currently here on the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and now MeWe.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Colt CE2000HB-FDE

I discovered this uncommon variation of the Colt Expanse CE2000 line in a local Arms List advertisement.

It came from the factory in FDE cerakote, Magpul stock, grip and sights. Heavy barrel with Smith Enterprises vortex flash hider. I contacted the seller but unfortunately the rifle had sold. I asked if he had any additional photos but he did not.

Overall rifle image.
End of box label. This is always a great thing to get an image of. This provides a lot of product information for historical reference.
Rifle description from sale listing.