Colt R0750 Light Machine Gun (LMG) / Light Automatic Rifle

“The Colt Automatic Rifle or Colt Light Machine Gun (LMG) is a 5.56 mm NATO, open-bolt, full-automatic-only firearm developed by Colt Defense. It is based on the M16A2/A4, and its handguard has a distinctive squared-off shape, vertical grip, carrying handle and integrated bipod.

Originally known as the Colt M16 LMG or simply as the Colt LMG (LMG standing for Light Machine Gun in this context), this weapon was developed as a joint venture by Colt and Diemaco, a Canadian firm licensed by Colt to produce variants of the M16 family. Diemaco was recently purchased by Colt bringing that story full circle.”~ Wikipedia

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