Amazing Colt CSASS and SP6920 Collector Pieces Available on Gun Broker

The following unicorns are available on Gunbroker for those of you with deep pockets. Sadly, I don’t have the necessary depth to compete.

First up is a Colt 901 CSASS prototype. Only a few of these exist in the U.S.

Next is the first and second serial numbers produced of the SP6920/M4 Carbine Sporter. Serials SP500,000 and SP500,001

And an original Colt USMC marked M45A1 CQBP model 1911.

Get on over there and make your bid!

Happy New Year!

Well, here we are four days into January of 2023. Christmas and New Year’s blew by in a blur. I look back on 2022 and get excited about some content that I was able to add and then get disappointed about all of the content that I didn’t get added. 2022 wasn’t a bad year for me but within it, I had Covid and four job changes. I currently still work two of the four jobs. I have big purchasing dreams for 2023 but you have to have the big bank account to go with it so that is why I have two jobs. Lol.

On a serious note, this year should be a good year for both the website and for Colt. I’m excited to see some new products come to market even if it just ends up being the CR6920 in a new caliber, or an old caliber released in a new model…such as the M5 carbine. There is rumor of a new Colt catalog being published for SHOT Show. If I am able to get a copy, I will scan it and post it here for you guys.

Speaking of scans, a page member sent me some scanned images of some rare documents that he was able to add to his collection. I have a few of the documents in my collection but haven’t scanned them yet. So, I’m going to ask him for permission to post some of his excellent images here.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season, or at least the best that it could be. I know this time of year is a hard time for some. I for one am happy to see things returning to ‘normal’. My grand plans for 2023 are pretty simple…to add content to the website and expand my collection some more. I wish us all health, prosperity and some luck in the coming months! Talk to you again in the next week or so!

Christmas / New Years Rambling

Well, here we are sitting on the eve of Christmas 2022. This year has blown by in a heartbeat. I sit here wondering where it went and why I didn’t get more content added to the website over the last 11.8 months. A strange internal conversation that I started having this year has been about my mortality and the long-term existence of the website. Since I pay for this site every year myself, is there a point to build it if nobody will maintain the data and keep the site going when I’m gone? I will be 52 in March and statistically, probably have another 20 to 25 years before I kick it. But, I guess you start thinking about that stuff eventually. Crazy subject to bring up for a holiday right?

This image is the cover of a Christmas card given to Colt sales staff in 2012.

As December comes to a close, I was really hoping to see word of the release of the Colt CR6762 (7.62x39mm) carbine that is supposed to be coming out. Since the factory is closed for the holidays, we obviously will not see the release until 2023. Although most of 2022 has been pretty quiet for the Colt AR fan, my gut is telling me 2023 will be a bit more busy. I hope I am right.

Inside left of the Colt sales staff 2012 Christmas card
Inside right of the Colt sales staff 2012 Christmas card

Sadly the sales of the M5 seem to not be going well. Even with retailers such as Arms Unlimited having the price reduced to $1695.00, they don’t seem to be moving. I feel like $1695.00 is reasonable due to the ambidextrous lower, however, my opinion doesn’t influence the market. I will finally be ordering one in about 3 more weeks.

2023 is already shaping up to be an expensive, but good, year. I already have the following purchases planned for the first quarter of 2023.

  • LE901-16SE
  • CMP 1911A1
  • M5 Carbine
  • CR6762
  • Green Label AR15A2

I additionally have some purchases of parts and upper receiver conversion kits (CK) in mind. This will be intermixed with the complete factory firearms over the next three months. The important part of all of this is not accumulate more stuff though, but to be more interactive here and get more information added to the website.

Back of the Colt sales staff 2012 Christmas card.

Additionally, I’m hoping to get an opportunity to buy some more obscure stuff in 2023 like prototype or limited-edition rifles/upper receivers. I know of a few possibilities; I just have to hope they work out. Some other items that I will be looking for in 2023 are a Colt 6520, Colt SP1, Colt LE6900 light carbine, LE6920SOCOMII and a CR6724. I will also have my eyes open for a Delta HBAR and the rest of the Colt/US Ordnance Vietnam series (CRGAU-5a/a and CRXM16E1). However, plans rarely remain intact and other opportunities always present themselves. Lol!

Are you a Colt AR collector? If so, do you have any goals for the coming year?

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my website this year. I wish you, your loved ones and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope your new year starts as good as it possibly can.

Talk to you again around January 3rd probably!

British SA80 5.56mm Magazine

I went off on a bit of a tangent with this post. Short story, I picked up a British SA80 magazine very, very cheap. I found the differences between it and a U.S. GI magazine interesting.

The British magazine is more user- friendly in that it has a ‘push button’ release on the magazine floor plate.

NATO Stanag magazines..U.S (left) and British (right)
Close-up view of the British SA80 floor plate showing the ‘RG’ marked button
Close-up of the Colt magazine floor plate

The ‘push button’ on the bottom of the magazine spring base has an ‘RG’ molded into it. That is supposed to be a production mark for the Royal Ordnance Radway Green…RG for short. Some of their M855 ‘green tip’ ammo has been on the U.S. market over the years.

The magazine floor plate has a retention groove on each side that interlocks with the magazine body. This enables the floor plate to easily slide on and off when the lock button is depressed.

The spot weld quality on the U.S. magazine looks better.

To stay true to my page, the U.S. Stanag magazine used in these photos is Colt branded.

I will do a quick video to show the magazine a little better.

Colt Comments For Sunday 11 DEC 2022

We are almost half-way through December of 2022. This year has been an odd one for me with a lot of changes in my professional life which has made time hard to come by. This has impacted my goals for this website significantly. I will discuss this some more after the new year kicks in.

One thing that I am happy to see this year is that some of the nonsense market prices are starting to come back down. Prices for some of the older Colt rifles and carbines, especially green label, were astronomically artificially inflated by a combination of Covid panic, the increase in domestic violence by protesting groups and political instability. Since jumping into this hobby seriously, the hyperinflated prices of older Colt AR’s has prohibited me from getting any. I’m hoping 2023 will continue to show a drop in values but the recent Democrat push for gun bans may cause prices to increase again.

In the last few months, we have seen the release of the long-anticipated Colt M5 carbine with 16″ barrel. Unfortunately, this still isn’t showing up on Colt’s website in their retail products section. The image below is from their international product area.

Performance of the M5 on the market has been very slow. I have been watching inventory levels of some retail websites. Some locations have literally had a halt in sales resulting from underwhelming market interest due to the high beginning MSRP which was $1995.00 (or around there). However, I think the gradually worsening state of the U.S. economy and the approaching holiday season when discretionary income is low is having an impact as well. Many retail sellers of the Colt M5 have been lowering their prices in an attempt to increase sales and move inventory with the price leader being Arms Unlimited at $1695.00

Looking at historical sales data of the Colt M5 on Gun Broker, the sales have been exceptionally low there as well. Some sellers are even including five Colt branded 30-round magazines with the Colt M5 to stimulate sales with no luck. There have been many closed auctions with starting prices as low as $1700 with no takers.

If you wonder why you haven’t seen any Colt M5 content from me, it is simply because I haven’t had the money to buy one since its release. Changing job situations, a 17 year-old daughter who dances competitively and some other ‘life’ things has soaked up the extra money that I have had. I believe that I will be in a position to buy one toward the end of January or February. I’m anxious to take a deep dive into it.

Colt Image For The CR6762 16″ Carbine 7.62x39mm

Watching market reaction to the announcement of the Colt CR6762 7.62x39mm carbine has been a bit interesting. Overall, the reaction has been pretty balanced. Of course, you have the haters who don’t like it, don’t want it, think it is stupid, etc we will see it sell initially I think. There have been some random market releases over the years of carbines in 7.62x39mm but it seems they don’t stick around long and prices are usually a bit higher.

The weak point with Colt’s legacy 7.62x39mm carbines/rifles were the magazines that Colt provided. Those magazines were just relabeled 5.56mm magazines which would cause jams due to their inability to facilitate the different internal geometry required by the 7.62x39mm cartridge. The release image above shows an aftermarket magazine and I believe that Colt is going to probably provide a C-Products Defense or D&H manufactured magazine. Those magazines have demonstrated reliability which will make the CR6762 a more attractive option for customers.

Details that we don’t know currently is what the barrel profile will be, what exactly the receiver markings will be other than the standard ‘Carbine’ marking of the CR series, and what magazine will come with it. The MSRP on the CR6762 is $1199.00 which I think is a fair price. Colt had a ‘media week’ at Gunsite this past week so I am hoping that we see more details released soon.

Well, if you have read this far, thanks for hanging in there. I plan to type something like this at least once a week…maybe as many as three times a week depending on market/hobby activity. Feel free to jump into the discussion by leaving a comment. Hope you have had a good weekend. Talk to you again soon.

Colt ‘Sporter Supporter’ T-Shirt

Mail call today was an unusual item for the collection. This t-shirt (size large) is promoting the Colt ‘Sporter’ rifle with the tag line ‘Sporter Supporter’.

The ‘Sporter Supporter’ statement gives me the impression that this t-shirt was produced sometime during the period of the 1994 enacted assault weapon ban.

I do not know if this was an official Colt licensed product or if it was an independent commercial product.