One Year Anniversary

Well the old saying is “time flies when your having fun!” December 8th was the one-year anniversary of this side bar of my Colt collecting hobby. When I got the domain expiration email a couple of days ago, I was floored. I couldn’t believe a year had gone by already.

I wasn’t really sure where I was going with this website or what the best way was to build a site, but it has worked out ok so far. Unfortunately, between the Army and college, the year has been crazy at times and content has suffered. But, here we are still moving along. I have renewed the site for another year.

Thank you for being a member or just casually stopping by. This site will continue to grow and diversify in Colt AR content.

Colt Sporter Cheekpiece PN: CA10026

In my ongoing search for Colt AR-15 accessory items that were sold individually, I found a Colt Sporter Cheekpiece that was sold on It was basically new in the box. Unfortunately, I was not able to buy it.

I have added images and a little bit of additional information here:

Site Updates Sunday 20 OCT 2019

I added several things to the site today. They are:

  • Images of a 2011 Shot Show poker chip featuring the LE901 (advertising/promotional section)
  • Images of a Colt LE6940 pin (advertising/promotional section)
  • 1968 Colt’s Firearms factory sticker (advertising/promotional section)
  • Images of a Colt H-Bar hat (advertising/promotional section)
  • Images of a Colt cut-away armorers display 30-round magazine (magazine section)
  • Images of a Colt MT6601 Match Target Match HBAR rifle (5.56 rifle section)

Visit each item page to see more images.

2011 Shot Show Poker Chip
LE6940 pin
Colt HBAR Hat
Colt’s Firearms 1968 Factory Sticker
Cut-Away Magazine
Colt MT6601 Match Target Match HBAR