Colt Releases The LE6920-R Trooper Again

For those of you who missed the LE6920-R Trooper during the first two releases, you now will have another chance to get one.

Customer demand has Colt releasing the Colt LE6920-R Trooper again. I had this product flyer on file from the previous releases and thought I would post it here for those of you who are not familiar with the model.

Some of you may ask why it doesn’t come with back-up iron sights. The absence of sights on this model is due to the fact that most people like to replace sights and this keeps the cost of the firearm lower.

Colt CR6762 7.62x39mm Carbine Now Available

The CR6762 is now available on Gun Broker. Which means they will be at your retailers very soon. The two listings on Gun Broker tonight have exceptionally high prices. Colts MSRP is $1199.

So, don’t pay the $1500 to $1600 prices on GB. Find a retailer that is close to MSRP.

Additionally, ignore the ‘rare’ label. There will be plenty of these available. There is nothing rare about them.

Colt 2023 Commercial Products and 2023 International Military & Law Enforcement Catalogs

Both the 2023 commercial product and the 2023 international military and law enforcement catalog debuted at the 2023 Shot Show convention. I was fortunate in that visitors to Shot Show sent me copies of the catalogs. I have disassembled both catalogs, scanned the pages and posted them here for you to see. The links are below the cover images.

Amazing Colt CSASS and SP6920 Collector Pieces Available on Gun Broker

The following unicorns are available on Gunbroker for those of you with deep pockets. Sadly, I don’t have the necessary depth to compete.

First up is a Colt 901 CSASS prototype. Only a few of these exist in the U.S.

Next is the first and second serial numbers produced of the SP6920/M4 Carbine Sporter. Serials SP500,000 and SP500,001

And an original Colt USMC marked M45A1 CQBP model 1911.

Get on over there and make your bid!

Happy New Year!

Well, here we are four days into January of 2023. Christmas and New Year’s blew by in a blur. I look back on 2022 and get excited about some content that I was able to add and then get disappointed about all of the content that I didn’t get added. 2022 wasn’t a bad year for me but within it, I had Covid and four job changes. I currently still work two of the four jobs. I have big purchasing dreams for 2023 but you have to have the big bank account to go with it so that is why I have two jobs. Lol.

On a serious note, this year should be a good year for both the website and for Colt. I’m excited to see some new products come to market even if it just ends up being the CR6920 in a new caliber, or an old caliber released in a new model…such as the M5 carbine. There is rumor of a new Colt catalog being published for SHOT Show. If I am able to get a copy, I will scan it and post it here for you guys.

Speaking of scans, a page member sent me some scanned images of some rare documents that he was able to add to his collection. I have a few of the documents in my collection but haven’t scanned them yet. So, I’m going to ask him for permission to post some of his excellent images here.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season, or at least the best that it could be. I know this time of year is a hard time for some. I for one am happy to see things returning to ‘normal’. My grand plans for 2023 are pretty simple…to add content to the website and expand my collection some more. I wish us all health, prosperity and some luck in the coming months! Talk to you again in the next week or so!