Colt LE6920M001 Mexico Government Carbine

A couple of weeks ago, Clyde Armory in Athens, GA stocked some new Colt LE6920’s that were contract excess for the government of Mexico. These carbines carry the model designation of LE6920M001.

Box end label for the Colt LE6920M001

I have started photographing the box, accessories and rifle tonight and will have the photos up here in a few days.

Photo of the rifle box opened up prior to rifle removal.
Layout of LE6920M001 accessories

Mexico Government Contract LE6920’s

The end of this past week saw the appearance of another batch of Mexico government contract overrun Colt LE6920’s hit the market.

There is a discussion about them on here:

The last time we saw this happen was in 2017 and the carbines were retailed at $700. This time, the retail price was $1369.95. The market dynamics are completely different this time and this price is still a bargain for a unique Colt collectible.

You can see details of the previous LE6920M on my page here:

A Tale Of Three Colt Sub-Compact Weapon Stocks

The Colt SCW stock is one of the more rare modern Colt AR collectibles. I know of 13 of them in the civilian market. Dumb luck has given me the opportunity to have 3 of them in my possession at one time. This is probably the last time you will see 3 together in one place. Unfortunately, the folded lock mechanism is broke on one. Two of three are destined for GB to cover other collection costs. I am willing to deal on a Colt 9mm AR or Colt LE901…two of the grail guns I would like to add to my collection.

Colt Shooting Shirt & Colt CR6720

I received this Colt shooting shirt in the mail today. It is one of the more unusual things in my collection. It is almost new. It is in really great shape. I am going to guess that it is probably from sometime in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. I am going to research it later.

Also shown in the photo is a Colt CR6720 with Colt mount and Colt scope.

Colt A2 Stock Storage Door Variations

I recently picked up a new in box ban era (barrel date is January 1998) MT6530 Match Target Lightweight rifle. I noticed that this rifle had a stock storage door with a plastic latch and no hinge. This is the first time that I have seen one of these completely plastic door assemblies.

Colt MT6530 Match Target Lightweight
Rear of MT6530 stock with storage door open. A lack of hinge keeps the door mostly closed even when open.

I did these two quick shots (below) of the stock storage doors. When looking at the head-on stock view, you can see the differences in hinge configurations and latches…the all plastic/no hinge door on the MT6530 compared to the more substantial door on my AR15A4 that has a metal latch and a hinge with metal internal pin.

The door on the MT6530 stock storage door is being pulled open to make the door profile visible. Without the tension from the knife blade opening the door, the rigidity of the plastic on the door causes it close but not latch.

I don’t believe the plastic latch/no hinge door would have much durability. Colt probably counted on the fact that these stock storage compartments aren’t often used in the civilian market.

After buying Colt, Czech firearms manufacturer delays Arkansas move and rules out ‘dramatically increasing’ West Hartford workforce

The original article in the Hartford Courant can be seen here:


Colt Armory. Colt Holding Co. has been purchased by a Czech firearms manufacturer. Photo by Brad Horrigan |
Colt Armory. Colt Holding Co. has been purchased by a Czech firearms manufacturer. Photo by Brad Horrigan | (Brad Horrigan/The Hartford Courant)

A Czech firearms manufacturer buying Colt Holding Co. is delaying plans for a new production site in Arkansas as it focuses on Connecticut, but will not soon increase the West Hartford workforce of 300, a top executive said Monday.

Jan Drahota, vice-chairman of the board of CZG–Česká zbrojovka Group, said at a news conference the company had been looking for another production base in the U.S. and settled on a site in Little Rock, Arkansas.

With the purchase of Colt for $220 million in cash and more than 1 million shares of the Czech company, valued at $20.3 million as of Monday, CZG will instead focus on Colt’s West Hartford site and Colt Canada Corp., the company’s Ontario subsidiary.

CZG is putting off the Little Rock project for three to five years, depending on market conditions.

“Colt is a big undertaking,” he said. “We decided to postpone construction in Little Rock to dedicate our resources in Connecticut and Canada.”

CZG has ruled out “dramatically increasing” the workforce, saying it’s too early to talk about hiring, Drahota said.

The deal is expected to close by June 30. CZG will evaluate the potential to increase Colt’s production capacity, using the supply chain and investments in machinery.

Lubomir Kovařík, chairman of the board of CZG, said Colt is an “iconic brand and benchmark” for the military, commercial and law enforcement markets.

“This acquisition fits perfectly in our strategy to become the leader in our industry,” he said.

The combined group would have revenue of more than $540 million and CZG is looking to generate revenue of $1.2 billion by 2025. The acquisition of Colt is “definitely an important step on the way,” Drahota said.

Colt, which manufactures guns for the military, police and civilian customers, has designed and made firearms in Connecticut since 1847.

CZG is acquiring significant production capacity in the United States and Canada and is looking to substantially expand its global customer base, the company said. It makes firearms for military and law enforcement, personal defense, hunting, sport shooting and other civilian uses.

The transaction is subject to regulatory approval but is anticipated to close in the second quarter ending June 30.

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