Colt Historical and AR-15 Reference Books

I think (maybe) I have all of my Colt AR historical reference books unpacked and consolidated in my office at home finally. My technical books (TM’s, Colt Armorer manuals, etc) are by my gun bench in another room. I loaned out “The AR-15 Volume 1” by Patrick Sweeney and didn’t get it back. Heck, I don’t even remember who I loaned it to. So, I need to replace that.

Some of these books I haven’t read yet. Reading more is one of my goals this year.

If you have a Colt AR book recommendation, let me know.

Colt 9mm DOE Upper Receiver

I had been sick for a few days and am finally feeling human again. I had just a little bit of time at the gun bench tonight and have started oiling down the Colt DOE upper receiver and looking at it in detail.

In the coming weeks I will do many detailed photos showing you unique features of the 9mm design compared to 5.56 upper receivers. Here is the first photo which gives you a look inside the upper receiver and at some of the chamber area. 5.56mm is on the left, 9mm DOE is on the right.

Quickly notable differences between the two designs is the presence (or not) of a gas tube and the cam pin recess.

I have a busy weekend with the family coming but hope to get something posted for you.

Opening One Of My Many ‘Non-Standard’ Colt Accessory Kits From The 6940 Series

Another aspect of the Colt collecting hobby for me is acquiring and researching Colt carbine/rifle accessory sets. Some accessory sets are unique to military, law enforcement or other special contract firearms so I buy these whenever I get an opportunity to. I wish Colt had a ‘subscription’ option for their accessory sets because I would buy every different configuration that I could.

In this video we are taking a look at a 6940 series accessory set that I got by itself. The set was probably for a military customer as indicated by the blank adapter and barrel cap.

Colt LE6940P (Law Enforcement Restriction Lower) Auction Close 27 MAR 2022

This auction was for a Colt LE6940P carbine that was complete with box/accessories and came from the factory with a ‘Law Enforcement Only’ lower receiver. The closing price was $3350.00.

I feel very lucky that I was able to buy a used LE6940P a few years ago although it doesn’t have its box (sadly). People wonder why I buy mostly newer Colt carbines and rifles…prices like this for older examples are why.