Month: May 2021

Colt And Colt Canada Now Part Of CZ Group

Posted this morning on the official CZ Firearms – Ceska Zbrojovka Facebook page.

“Our parent company CZG is today announcing the final stage of acquirement of iconic COLT company. We are really looking forward to the cooperation of our companies and the advantages coming from it. Not just for us, but also for you, our customers.”

🇨🇿Naše mateřská skupina CZG dnes oznámila úspěšné dokončení akvizice ikonického Coltu. Moc se těšíme na společnou budoucnost a na využití synergií, které toto spojení přinese nejen oběma značkám, ale především vám – našim zákazníkům.

Differences Between Ejection Port Cover Rod Retention On Colt Modular and Non-Modular Upper Receivers

I was piecing together the LE6940FDE upper receiver that I have when I ran into a difference with the upper receiver that I had never noticed before.

In the attached photos I have circled in green the part differences that I am referring too.

The retention of the ejection port cover rod on a 6940 upper receiver is completely different than it is on a standard, non-modular, upper receiver (LE6920 or CR6920 for example).

I had never noticed that before. Now I need to identify the roll pin size and order a few so that I can install the ejection port cover on this 6940FDE upper receiver.

Thoughts On Sources For Colt Parts And Small Upper Receiver Project

About 95% of my Colt collection is firearms or components (upper receiver assemblies, lower receiver assemblies, etc) in their original factory configuration with the original factory parts. However, sometimes I find myself hunting for Colt parts to piece something together.

Apex Gun Parts Website Image

I try to buy parts from a variety of parts providers. I don’t use only one or two providers because I like to share my support across many businesses and help as many in the firearms industry as I can. However, if prices are not reasonable, I do bypass some businesses.

Some of the businesses that I buy Colt parts from are Brownells, Midway USA, Arms Unlimited, Shark Arms, Apex Gun Parts and Thoroughbred Armament to name a few. Availability of parts often requires me to shop around to find needed parts in stock.

One recent purchase I made was labeled as a Colt upper receiver parts kit from Shark Arms.

Colt Upper Receiver Parts Kit From Shark Arms

The parts arrived in the ziploc bags as shown. The parts appear to be new as was advertised.

Colt Upper Receiver Parts Kit From Shark Arms

If you have opened a brand new Colt firearm (or any firearm really), you know that the oil has a unique feeling and smell. These parts have the same characteristics that I have encountered with a new Colt firearms and don’t show any wear at all so I believe that they are new. The cost of the parts was $55.

The upper receiver parts are going to be installed on a stripped Colt 6940 FDE anodized upper receiver that I got in a Gun Broker auction.

I don’t plan to really do anything with the upper receiver other than to just have it sitting in the collection. But, I thought I would assemble it short of installing a barrel to have it as complete as I can. As seen in the photo below, the parts that were used on the factory completed 6940 FDE upper receivers had the normal dark factory anodizing.

I hope everyone had a good week and have a good weekend ahead. Stay safe.

Random Information For Today

First I apologize for the lack of posts and content lately. Life has just been kind of crazy. I have been active a little bit on Facebook and lately. I’m trying to make it a point to get into more as well. I am minuteman1636 on and I am going to try and participate some on

I have made a few purchases over the last few months, some of which I have done quick posts here about. I am going to add some content/pages with more information and data on all of the items. A few example of the content coming up details on the three prototype upper receivers that I have purchased along with content on the LE6960 CCU, CR6920, CR6920-EPR and CR6940.

Photo courtesy of Clyde Armory. This photo shows the CR6940 (top), CR6920MPS-B (middle) and CR6920 (bottom).

I will also be starting two separate pages here discussing my efforts to ‘clone’ the Colt SCAR-B prototype and the Colt IAR6940H. I have spoken briefly to D.Wilson Manufacturing who has stated they can help me with the assembly and modifications of some parts. This is a project that I am especially excited to finish. My last big hurdle is getting a Colt LE6940 series gas block/front sight assembly.

Colt SCAR-B Prototype from Chris Bartocci’s article on Colt SCAR prototypes.

If you haven’t been following Arms Unlimited on Gun Broker, they have been selling of some rare Colt gems. Examples are a Paraguay government marked M203 37mm grenade launcher, a Yemen marked CK901 and a CM901 just name a few. You can see their current auctions here:

You can see some truly amazing completed items from Arms Unlimited at this link:

I hope everyone has had a good week. Talk to you again in the next day or two.

Colt Lower Receivers Will Now Have Lever Stops

Last night on Gun Broker and I saw examples of CR6920’s with intact lever stops.

Photo of CR6920 from Gun Broker showing intact lever stops

This is a production change and we will see more lower receivers with lever stops as more production carbines get into circulation.

Now what to do with my CR series carbines that have ground off lever stops? Hmmm.

Current Upper Receiver Markings On 3 New Colt ‘CR” Series Carbines

If you follow me on any of my social media accounts, you may have already seen this information but I wanted to post it here too.

Over on, in the ‘Industry/Colt’ section, there is some discussion about the variance in upper receiver markings of current Colt CR series carbines and rifles. I personally have zero issue with the marking variations but I know some people are losing their minds. I understand why the marking variations happen and I’m ok with it because I believe I’m still getting quality parts. Anyway, here is the information that I posted.

Below is a photo showing three of my recent purchases (within the last 60 days) and their upper receiver markings. Nothing consistent between these three carbines in the new CR family.

Back: CR6920-EPR Middle: CR6940 Front: CR6920

Back: CR6920-EPR keyhole forge mark only
No barrel date

Middle: CR6940. stamped ‘C’ and square forge mark. No barrel date

Front: CR6920. CAGE code square forge mark
No barrel date

To demonstrate additional differences, look at the image below that shows the difference between the two upper receiver square forge marks.

Hope you find this informational.

Colt M5 Carbine

The existence of the Colt M5 has been known for some time but there has been very little discussion of the program in public. Information that is available indicates that the M5 has been tested and/or fielded in three calibers and eight different models.

This post is only going to look at the four 5.56mm models. I am going to show you data sheets for three of the four versions and just an image of the fourth variant. The Colt M5 Carbine models are as follows:

Colt CM556-10H-M5A-SCW 10.3″ barrel 5.56 x 45

Yes, you guessed it…this is the newest version of the Colt Sub-Compact Weapon (SCW)

Colt CM556-10H-M5A 10.3″ barrel 5.56 x 45

Colt CM556-10H-M5A Data Sheet Page 1
Colt CM556-10H-M5A Data Sheet Page 2

Colt CM556-11H-M5A 11.5″ barrel 5.56 x 45

Colt CM556-11H-M5A Data Sheet Page 1
Colt CM556-11H-M5A Data Sheet Page 2

Colt CM556-14H-M5A 14.5″ barrel 5.56 x 45

Colt CM556-14H-M5A Data Sheet Page 1
Colt CM556-14H-M5A Data Sheet Page 2

I have not seen any indication to date that the M5 family of firearms are set for release on the civilian market. My fingers are crossed. I hope you have enjoyed this look at these four 5.56 x 45 variants of the M5 Carbine.