Thoughts On Sources For Colt Parts And Small Upper Receiver Project

About 95% of my Colt collection is firearms or components (upper receiver assemblies, lower receiver assemblies, etc) in their original factory configuration with the original factory parts. However, sometimes I find myself hunting for Colt parts to piece something together.

Apex Gun Parts Website Image

I try to buy parts from a variety of parts providers. I don’t use only one or two providers because I like to share my support across many businesses and help as many in the firearms industry as I can. However, if prices are not reasonable, I do bypass some businesses.

Some of the businesses that I buy Colt parts from are Brownells, Midway USA, Arms Unlimited, Shark Arms, Apex Gun Parts and Thoroughbred Armament to name a few. Availability of parts often requires me to shop around to find needed parts in stock.

One recent purchase I made was labeled as a Colt upper receiver parts kit from Shark Arms.

Colt Upper Receiver Parts Kit From Shark Arms

The parts arrived in the ziploc bags as shown. The parts appear to be new as was advertised.

Colt Upper Receiver Parts Kit From Shark Arms

If you have opened a brand new Colt firearm (or any firearm really), you know that the oil has a unique feeling and smell. These parts have the same characteristics that I have encountered with a new Colt firearms and don’t show any wear at all so I believe that they are new. The cost of the parts was $55.

The upper receiver parts are going to be installed on a stripped Colt 6940 FDE anodized upper receiver that I got in a Gun Broker auction.

I don’t plan to really do anything with the upper receiver other than to just have it sitting in the collection. But, I thought I would assemble it short of installing a barrel to have it as complete as I can. As seen in the photo below, the parts that were used on the factory completed 6940 FDE upper receivers had the normal dark factory anodizing.

I hope everyone had a good week and have a good weekend ahead. Stay safe.

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