Colt Manufacturing has been an icon in the firearms industry since the beginning of the company in 1855. In the realm of firearm collecting, when most collectors hear the Colt name they think of the iconic M1911, the ‘Snake’ guns (Cobra, Anaconda, etc.). However, Colt’s name is synonymous with the AR-15, beginning production in December of 1961, and the U.S. government redesigned M-16/M-4 family of weapons. Colt has a following of dedicated collectors in the AR-15 community as well.

Colt is famous among their pistol collectors for the Archive Service that is provided through their website (https://www.colt.com/page/archive-services). The archive letters often give the owner of a Colt pistol some history and insight into what they own. However, archive services often do not have data on Colt AR-15’s. This site will be an attempt to gather details on Colt AR-15’s and be a resource for the collector to research and gather information.

I will begin by capturing data on currently manufactured Colt AR-15’s and then work my way backwards. There is a lot happening in the Colt AR-15 market right now and I feel it is important to capture the details now, while production is occurring and information is more easily obtained and researched. I’m a one man show with a busy life so this endeavor will progress one small step at a time.

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. https://thecoltar15resource.com/sp1-rifle-1968-1969/

    Dear Sir,

    I enjoy reading your informative blog on Colt rifles. Thank you for your effort and excellent work.

    I collect the SP1, examples from 1964 through 1982. About your posting above, I believe the 1968-1969 dates are in error. The rifle shown is late production, a 1980’s rifle. The three line manufacturer address changed to four lines in 1977. The Colt serial number database often does not give results for late production guns like the one you show. It is a fine example.

    V/r, Kevin Barron


  2. Read your write up on M16A1 reissue. Nice job. Just ordered one.

    The upper and front sight are not marked. I am concerned. Any thoughts?


  3. Marc,

    Thanks for your post. The CRM16A1 isn’t a 100% correct piece. However, it has a lot of great details and is a beautifully done rifle. The lack of 100% accurate markings has been a point of controversy but overall it is not an issue for me. I was happy to have a new production rifle on the market and the replicated government rollmarks really make the rifle an amazing collection piece.

    Be aware that there is another rifle in the series due to be released in the not too distant future.


  4. By any chance could/would you be willing to give an estimate as to how much a never fired Colt SP6920MP-B is worth or going for today? TIA


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