Month: October 2021

Colt Light Machine Gun Upper Receiver Variants

The photo below was posted by a group member showing his collection of various Colt LMG type upper receivers. Comments below are his.

“Current line up of LMG uppers.

I have a barrel for another version that I snagged and just need to assemble it. Also need a 606 and that should round it out. I know they have a 941 as well which was a flat top version of the 741 with an a2 barrel.

Prototype stainless VP marked barrel
Gen 1 Diemaco LMG
Gen 2 Diemaco LMG
Prototype SBR IAR”

Colt/Diemaco Light Machine Gun Upper Receivers

Here are a couple of Colt/Diemaco light machine gun upper receivers owned by a group member.

Comments from the owner are below: “Interesting notes are the bayonet lug being added and pinned to the barrel, diameter of the barrel to the flash hider, diemaco tri rail, carry handle and extended charging handle and then the bipod.

Both LMG’s are complete with original Bcg and I have 2 buffers and springs.”

Colt LT6720-R

I was helping a group member with the identification of a Colt carbine which ended up being the Colt LT6720-R.

Image from Colt 2014 new product brochure

There are two things that make this carbine stand out. The standard carbine barrel and the Colt branded rail manufactured by Troy.

Close-up of the Colt branded Troy rail

The LT6720-R appeared in the 2014 new products brochure and in the 2014 catalog. The LT6720-R did not appear in any marketing materials in 2013 or 2015.

Firearm details from the 2014 Colt catalog

They are not seen very often on the secondary market.

Colt Collectors Association Annual Convention

The CCA had their annual convention in Noblesville, IN this past weekend. Myself and a fellow Colt AR collector set up a two table display.

Shown in the photo below is the Colt IAR6940, Colt/Knights Armament IAR6940H prototype, Colt IAR6940 11.5″ barrel prototype, Colt CRM16A1, Colt LE6920SOCOM and Colt CRXM177E2.

The item that is ‘in the white’ (unfinished) is the IAR program prototype upper receiver that was made by Leitner-Wise.

Shown in the next photo are several one of a kind Colt AR-15’s.

Although we had the only Colt AR-15’s on display it was still an amazing show and we met some great people. The show next year is in North Carolina. My hope is to bring different Colt AR’s to display there if my schedule works out.

If you collect Colt firearms, I encourage you to support and join the Colt Collectors Association. As a member myself, I would love to see more of you join.

Colt Collectors Association