Colt Collectors Association Annual Convention

The CCA had their annual convention in Noblesville, IN this past weekend. Myself and a fellow Colt AR collector set up a two table display.

Shown in the photo below is the Colt IAR6940, Colt/Knights Armament IAR6940H prototype, Colt IAR6940 11.5″ barrel prototype, Colt CRM16A1, Colt LE6920SOCOM and Colt CRXM177E2.

The item that is ‘in the white’ (unfinished) is the IAR program prototype upper receiver that was made by Leitner-Wise.

Shown in the next photo are several one of a kind Colt AR-15’s.

Although we had the only Colt AR-15’s on display it was still an amazing show and we met some great people. The show next year is in North Carolina. My hope is to bring different Colt AR’s to display there if my schedule works out.

If you collect Colt firearms, I encourage you to support and join the Colt Collectors Association. As a member myself, I would love to see more of you join.

Colt Collectors Association

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