Sub-Compact Weapon (SCW) Stock

This is a part layout photo from the brief period that Arms Unlimited sold about 30 of these stock kits to the public. The first sale was believed to have been about 15 in the 2016. There was a second sale of about 15 stock kits around February of 2017. Arms Unlimited’s price for the stock kit was $1200.00

From Arms Unlimited website:
The Colt Sub-Compact Weapon SCW’s collapsible folding buttstock is ideal for confined space combat operations, close quarters battle and functional vehicle transport. Incorporating a bolt carrier/buffer system engineered by Colt, the SCW is the only side folding stock that functions reliably consistently when folded. The conversion stock kit includes all required parts to modify any existing mil-spec AR15/M4 rifle to function as a Colt SCW.

Package Contents:
Modified SCW Full Auto Bolt Carrier Assembly
SCW Collapsible/Folding Stock Assembly
SCW Receiver Extension (Buffer Tube)
SCW Buffer
Buffer Spring
Receiver Extension Nut
End Plate
Video showing parts and installation of the Colt SCW stock