Month: December 2020

Colt M16A2E1

A friend of mine posted this M16A2E1.

The Swarovski scopenis correct and the mount was designed for the rifle
Donut reticle in the Swarovski optic
Folding rear sight
Note how the iron sight folds down into a recess in the top rail.
Folding front sight that inspired the future LE6940/LE901 folding front sight.
Hydraulic buffer
The M16A2E1 uses the ACR collapsible stock

Bag, Barrier, M16A2

Here is an oddity I found on Ebay that I thought would interest the audience. I don’t own a Colt A2 model rifle yet so I am displaying the Colt AR15A4 with it.

Nomenclature: Bag, Barrier, M16A2
NSN: 8465-01-540-1753
Description: A storage and preservation bag used for shipping and long term storage of the M16A2 rifle. It is flexible, reclosable, shaped pouch featuring a serial number viewing window and added tear/puncture resistance. Features a hook and loop reclosable opening. Also provides anti-corrosion protection of rifles.

32 years in the Army and I never heard of these existing.

Colt Manufacturing Mark Error Correction

I have been reading today in the previously posted Vickers Guide AR-15 Volume 1, 2nd Edition. Page 60 & 61 discusses Armalite Prototype 000003.

The selector positions on this prototype were blanked out (note the recessed profile of each selector position) and reconfigured.

Armalite Prototype 000003
Combined image of Prototype 000003 and
Colt LE6920 FDEC

A similar correction process is still in use by Colt as seen here in this combined image of the Armalite Prototype 000003 (top) and the Colt LE6920 FDEC (bottom) that I used to own.

Colt LE6920 FDEC