Random Information For Today

First I apologize for the lack of posts and content lately. Life has just been kind of crazy. I have been active a little bit on Facebook and AR15.com lately. I’m trying to make it a point to get into coltforum.com more as well. I am minuteman1636 on ar15.com and coltforum.com. I am going to try and participate some on M4carbine.net.

I have made a few purchases over the last few months, some of which I have done quick posts here about. I am going to add some content/pages with more information and data on all of the items. A few example of the content coming up details on the three prototype upper receivers that I have purchased along with content on the LE6960 CCU, CR6920, CR6920-EPR and CR6940.

Photo courtesy of Clyde Armory. This photo shows the CR6940 (top), CR6920MPS-B (middle) and CR6920 (bottom).

I will also be starting two separate pages here discussing my efforts to ‘clone’ the Colt SCAR-B prototype and the Colt IAR6940H. I have spoken briefly to D.Wilson Manufacturing who has stated they can help me with the assembly and modifications of some parts. This is a project that I am especially excited to finish. My last big hurdle is getting a Colt LE6940 series gas block/front sight assembly.

Colt SCAR-B Prototype from Chris Bartocci’s article on Colt SCAR prototypes.

If you haven’t been following Arms Unlimited on Gun Broker, they have been selling of some rare Colt gems. Examples are a Paraguay government marked M203 37mm grenade launcher, a Yemen marked CK901 and a CM901 just name a few. You can see their current auctions here: https://www.gunbroker.com/All/search?IncludeSellers=1889752

You can see some truly amazing completed items from Arms Unlimited at this link: https://www.gunbroker.com/All/search?Sort=13&IncludeSellers=1889752&PageSize=48

I hope everyone has had a good week. Talk to you again in the next day or two.

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