Colt ‘Sporter Supporter’ T-Shirt

Mail call today was an unusual item for the collection. This t-shirt (size large) is promoting the Colt ‘Sporter’ rifle with the tag line ‘Sporter Supporter’.

The ‘Sporter Supporter’ statement gives me the impression that this t-shirt was produced sometime during the period of the 1994 enacted assault weapon ban.

I do not know if this was an official Colt licensed product or if it was an independent commercial product.

Colt Upgrade Trigger Kit

This Colt upgrade trigger kit was available as part of Colts factory accessory line. I recently added this new in package example to my collection for about $95.

This trigger set was also standard equipment in Colt CR6720 and CR6724 CAR-A3 HBAR Elite rifles. These next few photos show the factory installed trigger set in my CR6720 CAR-A3 HBAR Elite.

Colt LE901 In Mexico Service

The information below is from Instagram.

Images showing officers of the then Single Force of Jalisco (image 1 to 3) and Special Forces of the Secretary of the Navy (image 4 and 5) carrying Colt CM901/LE901 caliber 7.62×51 NATO rifles.

The modular carbine grew out of Colt’s need to offer an AR-10 platform that could fill a role in its catalog as a select combat/marksman rifle and would begin development after Colt failed to purchase ArmaLite, so it was would be forced to design a rifle instead of selling the ArmaLite as planned, this rifle would be based on the semi-monolithic prototypes that Colt designed for the S.C.A.R. program, the 7.62 NATO caliber platform lower receiver has the ability to accept 5.56 caliber AR-15/M4 upper receivers/drawers with the insertion of an adapter block, which secures the upper receiver to the lower receiver and adapts it to feed from STANAG 5.56 magazines.

The Colt CM/LE901 has not seen much adoption, as far as I know no military units have adopted it and it has only been purchased by law enforcement agencies in the United States as a select marksman rifle, so it is very interesting to see that at least used or tested in our country.

Rollmark Repair

I was clearing out some old account messages and I came across these two images of Colt lower receivers that have had ‘rollmark repair’ done to them.

This process is done in the factory after an initial rollmark is applied with some type of defect occurring. To correct this, a thin layer of material is machined away and a new rollmark is applied. This leaves the small ridge that is pointed out by the blue arrows.

Colt Competition 9mm Carbine and 2015 Catalog

I don’t talk on here much about Colt Competition rifles. Although they were not assembled in Hartford, they are Colt licensed and thus a part of Colt AR history and I really need to start capturing more of the details of the Colt Competition line.

Colt Competition 2015 Catalog Cover

Having said that, I came across this GB listing today of what appears to be Colt Competition 9mm rifle. I have a Colt Competition 2015 catalog (posted here in my account) and it does not show 9mm models that year which made this even more interesting to me.

I believe the rifle is probably in the factory configuration (other than having five 9mm mags…it would not have come with that many). You can see more information on this Colt Competition carbine here on the site at this link:

I also uploaded images of the 2015 Colt Competition product catalog today. You can see those images at this link:

Part Markings On A New Colt Disconnector

A new chapter in the on-going history of Colt part markings. This disconnector, which is marked with the Colt CAGE code (13629) and a ‘C’, came in the recently purchased Colt Spares Kit Hammer & Trigger item # SPK99795.

These markings on the disconnector are something new to me. I had not seen this before.

This set was purchased from Arms Unlimited.

Colt Automatic Rifle Prototype USMC Trials

A friend of mine and fellow collector did a great job of putting back together a USMC Colt prototype. Here is his description.

“This was the M16 AR (automatic rifle) designed for the Marine corp trials in the 90’s. This lower was the original prototype X serial and they made I believe 5 others with just the MC prefix

The lower is an original lower that was demilled and then rewelded so the front half is original. The upper is also an original prototype flattop upper and the barrel assembly is a normal Diemaco LMG which was used. The bipod was the last piece I needed and was just used with an m60 bipod.

The FCG was an open bolt with just safe and fire so I have an original open bolt bolt catch and an open bolt notched carrier in it as well. The other pieces are colt standard semi.

I’m glad I was able to bring this back to its previous glory to 100%”