Colt CE2000HB-FDE

I discovered this uncommon variation of the Colt Expanse CE2000 line in a local Arms List advertisement.

It came from the factory in FDE cerakote, Magpul stock, grip and sights. Heavy barrel with Smith Enterprises vortex flash hider. I contacted the seller but unfortunately the rifle had sold. I asked if he had any additional photos but he did not.

Overall rifle image.
End of box label. This is always a great thing to get an image of. This provides a lot of product information for historical reference.
Rifle description from sale listing.

One thought on “Colt CE2000HB-FDE”

  1. The exact rifle I have. Can hit a fly on a deers ear at 100yrds. No muzzle flash and it’s a Colt!! Rare as hell. I want another one so I can put mine up and shoot that one. Great rifle!!


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