Colt’s Firearms Wholesaler Confidential Buying Guide

Contained in this album are 12 images of the Colts Firearms Wholesaler Confidential Buying Guide. This guide is referred to as the ‘Green Cover’ version. As is indicated on the back, it is Form No. WPL 2-72 Rev. 1 Effective February 10,1972. Purchased on Ebay 20 May 2020 for $13.94

You can see all of the images at this link:

One thought on “Colt’s Firearms Wholesaler Confidential Buying Guide”

  1. This document shows the Model # in relation to the name. R6000 for AR 15 Sporter. I do not recall ever having seen that on other than my original colt box. I realize that people have painstakingly put together this information but these booklets would be a great source for that kind of x-ref. Thanks, as always, your information is of interest to Colt lovers.


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