Month: February 2019

Colt YouTube Channel ‘Topic Tuesday’: Removal and Installation of the Knights Armament / P&S M4 Rail Adapter System (RAS)

I don’t know if many of you watch the new series on Colt’s YouTube channel called ‘Topic Tuesday’ but I think it is a great thing that is being done by Colt. It is outreach to their customers and shares some basic skills and modifications that really help develop a basic knowledge base among new Colt customers.
The ‘Topic Tuesday’ this week covers the removal and installation of the Knights Armament / P&S M4 RAS rail system. A majority of us here may consider this basic information but with the popularity of the Colt 2018 SOCOM LE6920 I think this is a very relevant topic for Colts customers now. I have seen several people over the last year to eighteen months on various firearm forums ask how to install the Knights Armament/P&S rail systems. I have seen people make statements that the 2018 SOCOM LE6920 is their first Colt AR and this first purchase for them will undoubtedly be the foundation for a future Colt AR collection.
I think this outreach to the customer base and product exposure is great for them. Check the video out here:

Colt Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR6940)

I have uploaded about sixty photographs tonight that show this IAR6940 in detail. You will find them on the IAR6940 page here on the website. 200 of these upper receiver assemblies were made available to the public by U.S. Armament Corp in 2017. U.S. Armament Corporation is the manufacturer for Colt. The cost is $1995.00. The heavy barrel and unique heatsink make this weapon configuration stand out from other AR-15/M-16/M-4 variations.

The IAR6940 on Colts Manufacturing website:

Colt CK-901 Yemen and 1999 Law Enforcement Weapon Data Sheets

The other data added to the site today includes some information on the CK-901 rifle that Colt produced for the armed forces of Yemen. The CK-901 was the Colt 901 weapon system in 7.62×39 and uses AK pattern magazines. My entry today includes a link to the video released today by ‘Forgotten Weapons’ on the rifle. You can find the CK-901 data in the Rifles (7.62×39) section.

I also added several photos of a Colt 1999 Law Enforcement weapon data sheet set. You can find the photos in the advertisement section. The data sheets cover nine different Colt weapon systems.

2007 Colt Catalog and Dealer Price Listing

I have been trying to only do one blog post a day with a statement consolidating my website additions for the day. However, posting the photos of the AR-15 offerings in the 2007 catalog was really interesting to me. So, you will probably see a couple of blog posts from me today.

The first thing that caught my eye was the ‘Match Target M4’. I have not seen one of these for sale on the secondary market for the short time that I have been a collector (two years). The catalog photo shows an M4 style rifle, model # MT6400C with a muzzle break. The photo shows the buttstock fully extended. With this rifle having ‘ban’ features, I would bet the stock is pinned in place and not actually adjustable.

The second thing that really stood out to me was the dealer price listing. The dealer prices for the seven different models being offered in 2007 ranged from $1028.00 to a high of $1160.00. Colts MSRP for those same seven rifles ranged from $1182.00 to a high of $1334.00. People often complain about current retail prices being high, but when you review the 2007 pricing which was 12 years ago prices are pretty good now. They are actually lower when you compare the current standard LE6920 and AR15A4 to the 2007 equivelents being the MT6400C Match Target M4 and the MT6700C Match Target Rifle. I am pretty happy to see where prices are currently at.