2007 Colt Catalog and Dealer Price Listing

I have been trying to only do one blog post a day with a statement consolidating my website additions for the day. However, posting the photos of the AR-15 offerings in the 2007 catalog was really interesting to me. So, you will probably see a couple of blog posts from me today.

The first thing that caught my eye was the ‘Match Target M4’. I have not seen one of these for sale on the secondary market for the short time that I have been a collector (two years). The catalog photo shows an M4 style rifle, model # MT6400C with a muzzle break. The photo shows the buttstock fully extended. With this rifle having ‘ban’ features, I would bet the stock is pinned in place and not actually adjustable.

The second thing that really stood out to me was the dealer price listing. The dealer prices for the seven different models being offered in 2007 ranged from $1028.00 to a high of $1160.00. Colts MSRP for those same seven rifles ranged from $1182.00 to a high of $1334.00. People often complain about current retail prices being high, but when you review the 2007 pricing which was 12 years ago prices are pretty good now. They are actually lower when you compare the current standard LE6920 and AR15A4 to the 2007 equivelents being the MT6400C Match Target M4 and the MT6700C Match Target Rifle. I am pretty happy to see where prices are currently at.

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