Colt YouTube Channel ‘Topic Tuesday’: Removal and Installation of the Knights Armament / P&S M4 Rail Adapter System (RAS)

I don’t know if many of you watch the new series on Colt’s YouTube channel called ‘Topic Tuesday’ but I think it is a great thing that is being done by Colt. It is outreach to their customers and shares some basic skills and modifications that really help develop a basic knowledge base among new Colt customers.
The ‘Topic Tuesday’ this week covers the removal and installation of the Knights Armament / P&S M4 RAS rail system. A majority of us here may consider this basic information but with the popularity of the Colt 2018 SOCOM LE6920 I think this is a very relevant topic for Colts customers now. I have seen several people over the last year to eighteen months on various firearm forums ask how to install the Knights Armament/P&S rail systems. I have seen people make statements that the 2018 SOCOM LE6920 is their first Colt AR and this first purchase for them will undoubtedly be the foundation for a future Colt AR collection.
I think this outreach to the customer base and product exposure is great for them. Check the video out here:

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