Month: November 2021

Colt Transitional SP6920 Carbine

Around 2011, Colt transitioned from having a seperate ‘Sporter’ product line and ‘Law Enforcement’ product line to just a single product line that retained the LE serial number prefix and used the M4 Carbine marking on the lower receiver.

The Sporter product line had an SP serial number prefix and ‘Sporter’ on the lower receiver.

The Law Enforcement product line had an LE serial number prefix and Law Enforcement on the lower receiver.

During the transition from the Sporter marked lowers and the use of the ‘M4 Carbine’ marked lowers a small number of SP serial numbers were used on ‘M4 Carbine’ marked lowers before the SP serial number series was stopped completely.

I recently aquired one of these transitional carbines. It is an LE6920MP-B…SP serial number but M4 Carbine marked lower. I don’t know that I would really classify this as anything rare necessarily. I find it interesting more than anything as it is a product snapshot during one of Colts many product transitional times.

MP-B in the model number represents ‘MagPul – Black’.

Vickers Guide Colt IAR6940H Post And Possible Book Hint

I am a huge fan of the Vickers Guide book series and have every one of them so far. So, I get a bit excited anytime a see a potential hint about a future book. Here is a post that they did today with a possible hint.

Here is a link to their post on Facebook

Prominent in the Vickers Guide image above is the Knights Armament produced ‘Heat Rail System’. A member of my Instagram page, not knowing what he was looking at, exclaimed “the handguard/rail cover screams KAC”. Little did he know that he was at least partially correct.

I have a Colt/KAC IAR6940H prototype upper receiver which has an earlier version the KAC Heat Rail System on it. I also have a new in box Heat Rail System as shown in the Vickers Guide photo. So, I did a quick video discussing and showing the two rail versions side by side.

Take a look at the video and feel free to ask questions.

1992 Colt Sporter Competition HBAR

I posted this Sporter Competition HBAR promo sheet on my IG page the other day and a member asked me what year the promo sheet was for.

I did not know the answer as the promo sheet is not dated.

Catalog research led me to 1992 as that is the first year that the Sporter Competition HBAR appears in a catalog and it is referenced as ‘new’ in the item listing which you can see in the attached 1992 catalog page shown here.

One thing to note is the reference to the use of the ‘Weaver’ rail as the MIL-STD-1913 rail hadn’t been widely adopted yet.

Colt Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) Safety Recall

Colt published a safety recall today. The recall has occurred because Colt identified that some hammers that were out of Colt specification were used in some rifle/carbine assembly since roughly March of 2021.

Colt has set up a good website that has a lot of information to include firearm model, lower receiver markings and serial number ranges affected by the safety recall. The website is a one stop shop for information and serial number submission to Colt. The website is

I have done a short video about it on my Instagram page at this link Video About The Colt Safety Recall

Here is the screen that you will see if you enter a potentially affected serial number. This screen was displayed when I entered the serial number for my CR6920-EPR.