Vickers Guide Colt IAR6940H Post And Possible Book Hint

I am a huge fan of the Vickers Guide book series and have every one of them so far. So, I get a bit excited anytime a see a potential hint about a future book. Here is a post that they did today with a possible hint.

Here is a link to their post on Facebook

Prominent in the Vickers Guide image above is the Knights Armament produced ‘Heat Rail System’. A member of my Instagram page, not knowing what he was looking at, exclaimed “the handguard/rail cover screams KAC”. Little did he know that he was at least partially correct.

I have a Colt/KAC IAR6940H prototype upper receiver which has an earlier version the KAC Heat Rail System on it. I also have a new in box Heat Rail System as shown in the Vickers Guide photo. So, I did a quick video discussing and showing the two rail versions side by side.

Take a look at the video and feel free to ask questions.

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