Colt LE901 San Bernardino, CA SWAT

Arms Unlimited sent out an email on 24 November 2021 which advertised used law enforcement Colt LE901 7.62 (.308) rifles available for sale.

Arms Unlimited Email Ad

There were photos of two variants posted in the sales ad. One rifle was black, one rifle was camouflaged. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to save photos from the sale ad other than the large thumbnail image of the black rifle.

Two features make these Colt LE901’s unique.  The first feature is the use of the MagPul PRS Gen II stock. The second feature is the factory modification which removed the front sight base from the gas block.

The Colt god’s were smiling down on me and I was able to get one of the rifles on order and received a shipping notice.

I began researching these rifles and learned that they were law enforcement trade-ins from the San Bernardino, California police department. The rifles were used by the SBPD SWAT as a DMR/Sniper rifle.

I was able to find two images of the rifles in use. The first image I found showed an all black Colt LE901 on public display in December of 2015.

Colt LE901 in use in 2015 by SBPD SWAT. You can get a good look at the modified front sight/gas block in this image.

The second image that I found shows a camouflaged Colt LE901 in use by the San Bernardino Police Department SWAT team at the 2017 International Sniper Competition. The San Bernardino team placed 9th in the competition.

Colt LE901 at the 2017 International Sniper Competition

I am in the process of trying to identify the optics, mounts, slings and bipods that were used on both rifles. My end goal is to take whichever color (black or camo) of rifle that I receive and return it to the SBPD SWAT configuration.

If anybody can identify any of the optics, mounts, etc on either rifle, please let me know.

Detailed photos to come after the rifle is received.

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