Colt LE901-16S San Bernardino Restoration Progress

I have got in a few of the items that had been in use by the SBPD on their LE901-16S carbines. The following items have been found and added:

1. The sling is a Magpul MS1 QDM sling, part number MAG939.

2. The bipod is a GG&G XDS-2 Tactical Bipod, part number is GGG-1527.

3. The optic mount is a GG&G FLT scope mount with 30 MM rings part number is GGG-1384.

Here is how it currently appears.

I’m still looking for a Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 4.5-14 rifle scope with illuminated mil dot reticle and MOA M1 turrets model number is 67960.

One thought on “Colt LE901-16S San Bernardino Restoration Progress”

  1. This is one gun I wish Colt woukd bring back. When these initially came out I was too poor to afford one.

    Being a Colt aficionado is almost as painful as being an HK fanboy.


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