Colt Branded A.R.M.S. #5 Multi-Base Mount

A Colt branded A.R.M.S. #5 multi-base mount came in the mail today.

I do not have a solid understanding about the marketing of the Colt branded A.R.M.S. #5 multi-base mount. I know that a couple of AR variants had them as included accessories, but I do not know if they were ever marketed as an individual accessory for retail sale.

From A.R.M.S. website “The #05™ Multi-base is a Quick detachable, multiple eye relief mounting base that attaches to weaver type rail and flat-top receivers. The multi-base is compatible with both weaver style rings and NATO STANAG mounts. It raises your sight platform 3/4″ and features a spring-loaded clamping bar and self-locking captivated thumbnuts for solid, zero movement mounting to your existing rail. The #05™ multi-base also features a see-through channel for use with iron sights”

Weight – 5.2 oz
Length: Approx. 5″
Height: Approx. 3/4″

The A.R.M.S. #5 Multi-Base Mount is out of production and has been replaced by the A.R.M.S. #63 mount with dual throw-levers.

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