Happy New Year!!

Well, here we are at the end of 2021. Some of you may have already crossed into 2022. If so, Happy New Year! Its been a crazy year with some twists and turns. Some of us have lost loved ones and friends through this last year. Just remember every day is a gift.

Although I have been able to acquire some amazing Colt items in the last year, I don’t measure my success by the ‘stuff’. Overall, my relationships in the firearms community are the most valuable thing to me. Having ‘stuff’ doesn’t matter if you are going through the journey alone and not sharing it and learning with others.

My goals in 2022 are:
1) improve existing relationships and develop new ones.
2) improve my photography and and video abilities to make the sharing of Colt items and history the best that it can be.
3) improve the content quality (photo details, technical detail, etc.)

Sub-standard quality and presentation means I’m not learning and ultimately I’m wasting your time which I never intend to do.

So, here is a toast to better year in 2022! 🍺

Thank you for sharing part of your valuable time here in the group.

Happy New Year!

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