Month: July 2019

Colt 1″ Scope Ring Find

I went in my local gun shop today. They had a second variation of the ‘Colt’ 1-inch scope ring mount in stock. The first variation that I had seen and purchased previously was marketed under the Colt Competition line as part # 1401. The variation that I found today was also part # 1401 but it was marketed as a ‘Colt’ product and not ‘Colt Competition’. Both items are rebranded Warne scope mounts.

Although I am glad that I have added the packaging variation to my collection, I was a bit disappointed with the quality/effort that went into the product. My primary complaint is the scope mount instructions which are a lopsided photocopy that is also a misshaped cutout. The scope mount was $70…I would expect something of better quality and professional presentation like the Colt Competition product that I show in the photos above. You can see detailed photos of the Colt Competition product that were previously posted on the site at this link:

Colt Mexico Government Return Rifles

I have added a section for Colt rifles that were returned to Colt by the Mexico government. These rifles were released for sale onto the civilian AR-15 market here in the United States. I will be publishing historical information and photographs in this section in the coming days.

Colt LE6920M (Mexico) that was purchased in 2017

Colt Monthly AR-15 Rifle and Upper Receiver Assembly Tracker

I added a section to the website where I will post a bi-weekly or monthly review of the AR-15 rifles and upper receiver assemblies that are listed at and Over time, this will give a collector an idea as to when an product enters and exits the retail market since catalogs don’t seem to be produced anymore. You can see our first analysis/listing here:

Bogus Colt Product Sold by CDNN

The primary goal of my social media and internet posts are to educate the aspiring collector on Colt AR items. I am exceptionally new in the Colt AR collecting realm myself and many people have forgot more than I currently know. However, here is one of those posts that has value in clearing the air on a questionable product being erroneously advertised as Colt.

Back in February I saw a product advertised by CDNN Sports that was advertised as a Rodgers Tri-Rail mount with Colt insulated hand guards for nine dollars and ninety-nine cents. Although I had never seen Colt release hand guards in this configuration, I figured for nine bucks it was worth getting the set of hand guards even if the rest was useless. So, I ordered a set.

Unfortunately, my military duties kept me buried in work from March through June and I am just now getting to looking closely at this. After talking with other collectors here (Thank you Alex and Joe) it has been verified that although this ‘Tri-Rail’ set is advertised as Colt, there is zero Colt content. The hand guards have been verified as Smith & Wesson products. I have attached a copy of the invoice showing them advertising the product as Colt hand guards.

So, unless you want S&W hand guards, let my curiosity be your lesson to not waste your money.

The hand guards have been identified as Smith & Wesson products from their M&P rifle. They are not Colt hand guards.
The hand guards have been identified as Smith & Wesson products from their M&P rifle. They are not Colt hand guards.