Month: March 2019

Colt Arms Unlimited MK12 HBAR

I’m looking at buying one of the Colt MK12 HBARs from Arms Unlimited. In the process of trying to learn more about it, I came across this article done by the good folks at The article discusses the CR6724 Colt Accurized Rifle which has a 24″ 1/9 stainless steel barrel.

Arms Unlimited MK12
Arms Unlimited MK12

The Arms Unlimited MK12 rifles have stainless steel 1/9 barrels. Knowing that these rifles were made exclusively for Arms Unlimited, I have the feeling that the 18″ barrels on the AU MK12 are left over barrels from the Colt Accurized Rifle. Anyway, I hope to have details for you very soon as work on finalizing the purchase of one of AU MK12 rifles. In the meantime, check out Looserounds article on the old CR6724 rifle here:

Colt Z-COTE Limited Edition

The limited edition Colt Z-COTE series of weapons are a not well known chapter in Colts storied firearm history. I have added a section to the site today with some information that has been gathered. If you have any photos of weapons or accessories that were part of the ‘Z-COTE’ series I would be grateful if you shared them. You can email me at

This is a screen capture from a video that shows all three Z-COTE firearms. Link to the video is in the Z-COTE section here.