Colt Advance Piston Carbine Manual Variations

I am working through a large backlog of Colt manuals and advertisements that I have bought for my collection. In the process of this, I have noticed two variations of Colt Advance Piston Carbine manuals.

The top version is a ‘sky blue’ color and is 5-1/4″ x 5-1/4″. The bottom version is gray in color and is just slightly smaller at 5-3/8″ x 5-1/4″.

Both manuals are dated December 2011. Both have the Part No. of 96351 with no Revision noted. Notice that the top manual is 68 pages…the bottom manual is 67 pages.

The spines of manuals are slightly different. The blue manual has a squared off spine, more like a book, whereas the gray manual has more rounded binding. Both are stapled.

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