Colt LE901FDE-16SE On Gun Broker

The Coltpocalypse of 2019 sent the price of Colt AR’s skyrocketing in an ill-informed public buying frenzy. Standard Colt LE901-16SE’s were at about $1400.00 just prior to the panic. Purchase prices went as high as about $4500.00. Some sanity has returned to the market and prices have come back down to somewhat normal levels with all models except three. Colt LE6951 (9mm), Colt LE6920SOCOM (2018 model) and Colt LE901’s. Some sellers are still trying to get $3500.00 to $4000.00 for an LE901 but those auctions seem to be just sitting long term.

There is an occasional interesting piece to be found. Currently on Gun Broker there is one of the more rare Colt LE901FDE-16SE rifles. The seller is asking $3000.00 but I think this may be a bit high for rifle that isn’t New In Box. The seller does not have a box but he does have the box end label. However, this would still be a tempting buy in the current market. I see these FDE 901’s on Gun Broker about twice a year.

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