Colt Cup Rifle Matches

In 1987, Colt began the ‘Colt Cup Rifle Match’ as a promotional event for their AR-15A2 HBAR series of rifles. One of my new endeavors is to try to put together a history of the Colt Cup Match. However, other than some mention of it in a 6-page Colt AR-15A2 HBAR promotional document, there seems to be zero information available.

One a side note, I have purchased two hats and about five pins from the Colt Cup events. Some of the items are still on the way.

If anyone has any information, I would be grateful if you shared it.

5 thoughts on “Colt Cup Rifle Matches”

  1. Are you still interested about The Colt Cup. I was a competitor at 5 or 6 of the matches. They started at The Blue Trail gun range in Wallinford Ct. Then moved to the old Fort Devens in Massachusetts. I have 4 pins and 4 hats from the matches.


      1. I agree with you. I have looked over the years and cannot find any info on the matches. What kind of info would you like. The Southington Connecticut police used to have a team at the matches. Maybe they could also provide some info.


      2. Here is an article I found on the Soithington Police rifle team and Colt Cup. I was a score keeper for them for one of their team when they were short of people at the match. They also gave me a team patch for helping out that one time.



         October 11 1994

        They’re sort of the Babe Ruths of police rifle teams, the ones to beat on the field.
        The Southington Police Department Rifle Team, one of the first in the country when founded in 1991, hit another grand slam on the bull’s-eye circuit, winning its fourth consecutive Colt Cup at a match in Massachusetts two weeks ago.

        For its accuracy with the Colt Sporter AR-15 rifle, the team won a silver bowl, the fourth such prize it has earned in the four years the team has entered the contest sponsored by Colt’s Manufacturing Co.
        “It’s difficult,” team member Officer Edward Pocock III said. “You fire at a target 200 yards away. But it’s scaled down so it’s as if you’re shooting 600 yards instead of 200 yards.”

        But as results prove, the team has lived up to its motto: “Distance is no problem.”
        The team — Pocock, Lt. Greg Simone, Officer Gary Allard and Officer Jeff Skrypiec — defeated a police team from Keene, N.H., a second Southington police team and Cheshire police riflemen to take the prize.
        The meet at Fort Devens, north of Worcester, Mass., has three sections: firing 10 rounds lying down, 10 more from a sitting position and 10 standing up.

        “We’ve got a dedicated group of people who practice,” Pocock said. “There are all kinds of police pistol clubs, but we were one of the first rifle clubs when we formed in 1991. There are more now.”
        The current team has several dozen members who practice at a private range off Mount Vernon Road. The group ranges in rank from patrolman to sergeant and lieutenant and police service time from a few years to 26.
        What’s good, Pocock said, is the team spirit the activity builds and the skills it sharpens.

        “You bring that skill back to the department, where you’re accountable for every bullet you pull. You become comfortable and accurate with a rifle. We practice at 200 yards. On the job, if you ever do use a rifle, it probably will only be at 50 yards,” Pocock said.

        Copyright © 2021, Hartford Courant


      3. Thank you Kevin! I apologize for my delayed reply but things have been crazy busy. I will definitely read this within the next couple of days. I am anxious to take a look at it.


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